Alicia Goodwin: Godly Play in the Time of COVID

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A few days ago, I saw a t-shirt with the words DO LESS. It didn't have anything else written on it so I'm not sure how to execute that plan but it was an intriguing idea. I'm clear I cannot do more but I'm not sure doing less is an option either.

With that conundrum in mind, I'm offering a few ways to weave a little Godly Play into our current quarantined lives.

Many of our stories tell us God is everywhere. No matter where we go (or don't go), God is with us. We use a candle's flame to illustrate the idea in our classroom. The flame is God's presence. When we blow it out, the flame is not gone, it has just changed form. It's now smoke that fills the entire room.

There are many other natural reminders of God's presence in our lives. I wonder if you've noticed any lately? I wonder how trees know what color flowers to display? I wonder when color was invented? I wonder why so many people are wearing masks? I wonder what job Jesus would chose if he were here right now?

Taking a moment or two to wonder with our kids is engaging with the mystery of God. We wonder in the spirit of play: no goals, no knowing, just experience, just presence.

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