Storytelling and the Bible: An Interview with The Rev. Earl Grout

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Spend some time with The Rev. Canon Cristi Chapman and The Rev. Earl Grout, and hear how Earl approaches the reading of the Gospel, the stories of the Bible, and the way we tell our stories as people of faith! Earl also shares a few of his favorite Bible stories.

What are your favorite bible stories?  Post in the comments below.

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  1. Pearl
    | Reply

    An interesting discussion of Deacon Earl’s favorite Gospel stories. I appreciate the work that goes into bringing these discussions to us; however I suggest that you ask the interviewee to look up and directly ahead while speaking. No one articulates better than Deacon Earl. Yet when he looks down as he speaks,, I found him difficult to understand at times.

    And, in answer to the question posed, “What are your favorite bible stories?” The story of the prodigal son or, perhaps, the ever gracious and forgiving father.

  2. Janine Boyer
    | Reply

    Really enjoyed this informal format and discussion on story telling. It lets you know what goes on behind the scenes to prepare for service. It is important to understand the devotion and preparation that goes in the presenting the gospel. Thank you for this!

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