The Wisdom of Children: An Audio Project from Saint Mark’s

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The Wisdom of Children is an audio project recorded in June, 2020, featuring the voices of the children of the Saint Mark's Cathedral community. Listen now using the embedded player below, or read on for other ways to listen.



Dear friends,

Several weeks ago, in the throes of feeling the acute loss of human interaction, it washed over me how much I missed hearing the voices of children in my life—the murmurs of little ones on the carpet in the nave during worship, the screams of playful delight on the Lowell Elementary School playground across the street from my home, the infectious giggles of toddlers swept up in a moment of joy, even the wailsome cries of a child who intuitively knows all is not right with their world. Children bring a spiritual wisdom to the mix, unhindered by worldly ways that tilt toward cynicism. I have learned much from these little ones through the years, when I take time to listen, really listen.

The idea of asking children questions and capturing their words in audio files matured under the leadership of Kelly Moody, our Associate for Spiritual Formation, and Canon Cristi Chapman, and we are delighted to share the voices of several children of Saint Mark’s here, in this time of pandemic. Entitled The Wisdom of Children, the invitation is simply to have your heart lifted, and perhaps opened a bit more to the spiritual connection we all share, as beloved children of God. There is wisdom here, and nourishment for the soul. Enjoy!

Blessings and Peace,

The Very Reverend Steven L. Thomason
Dean and Rector

Please note that, for convenience, "The Wisdom of Children" will also be made available as a special episode of the Saint Mark's Prayer Podcast for Children and Families—search for the podcast title on your app of choice, and select the episode "The Wisdom of Children."
You may also listen on SoundCloud here.

Below are the full interviews of all the children. Thanks to all the participants!

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  1. Patricia de la Fuente
    | Reply

    Although because of my hearing impairment, I missed most of this presentation, just hearing children’s voices was such a
    delight- and lest we adults forget, as one of the little girls reminded us: “God is with you”-
    I had to laugh at the traditional dislike of brussel sprouts, amazed at roasted cauliflower (?) and smiled at just about every child loving mac and cheese.

    Perhaps one day a live visual video will be possible? 🙂
    Thanks so much for the effort all the adults put forth!

  2. Georgia Tooms
    | Reply

    Hi! I’m Georgia and I’m …… OCTOGENARIAN! What a joy to hear the sweet, clear voices of young children. Their innocence and honesty reminds us of abounding goodness and love, during this time of global sadness.

    As our Lord said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me…”.Perhaps He, too, heard about favorite foods, study, play habits and broccoli. He must have known that there were devout parents who assured their little ones that He was with them.

    Blessings on Dean Steve, Rev. Chapman, Ms. Moody and all the children, for their involvement in such a worthy project.
    The ripple effect of these efforts will surely touch many, even those of us who live in other parts of this Country.
    Thanks to each of you.

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