Introduction to Sunday’s Hymns: July 26, 2020

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On Thursday, July 23, Associate Organist John Stuntebeck introduced the hymns that will be sung at the 11 a.m. morning liturgy on July 26, 2020, the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost. This introduction was presented live on Facebook.

The Hymns discussed are:

Immortal, invisible, God only wise [Hymn #423];
God, you have given us power [Hymn #584, but sung to the tune of Hymn #684, Caithness] If Thou But Trust in God [Hymn #635]

Join us in the future on Thursdays at 4 p.m. for another live hymn chat! Just visit the cathedral's public Facebook page at the time of the broadcast—if you "follow" the cathedral on Facebook, you should receive a notification when we're live.

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  1. Molly Henderson
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    I especially love the last verse of Immortal, Invisible. To me it speaks of how we humans relate to the ineffable mystery of the Divine. We experience the splendor of light which emanates from and envelops God. We can’t penetrate the unknowable but we can know God’s presence within the light. Think of Moses’ direct encounter with God as and within light.

    I really enjoy this Introduction to the Hymns. Thank you for offering.

    • saintmarks

      Thank you for watching, Molly!

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