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Inspired by the success of the "O come, O come Emmanuel" video, the next virtual choir video will again be for the entire cathedral community—a rendition of "Jesus Christ is risen today" for Easter Sunday! Click the image above for all the details.


In the Stewardship video above, Heather and Peter briefly reflect on their history at Saint Mark's, and then explain how the Saint Mark's virtual choir offerings came about.

Like many choral and instrumental ensemble around the world whose normal activities have been suspended due to the pandemic, the choirs of Saint Mark's Cathedral have turned to "virtual choir" offerings, in which choir members each record themselves singing their own part individually, and the videos are edited together to make one performance. While the experience for the choir members is nothing like gathering in person to sing in a choir, it is a valuable way to allow the participants to continue to offer their gifts in worship during this extraordinary time.

The process of editing together all the submitted videos is labor intensive and technically complicated. All the videos below were edited by longtime Cathedral Choir members Peter Garbes and Dr. Heather MacLaughlin Garbes, on a volunteer basis.

Their generosity of time and talent has been exceptional. Their many hours of work, combined with labor of the music staff in preparing the guide tracks and printed music, and of course the work of the choir members themselves, means that each video below represents dozens of hours of labor.

Jesus Christ is Risen Today! • April 4, 2021

O come O come, Emmanuel • November 29. 2020 (“O” Antiphons Liturgy)

Keep Your Lamps! (arr. Thomas) • November 8, 2020

At the River (Lowry/Copland) • November 1, 2020

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind (Parry) • October 11, 2020

Lord for Thy Tender Mercy’s Sake (attr. Farrant) • September 6, 2020

Ave Verum Corpus (Mozart) • July 26, 2020

If Ye Love Me (Tallis) • May 31, 2020

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  1. Ann Holiay
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    I love the Zoom choirs. Penny Reid posted “Ave Verum Corpus” on Facebook, and I’ve been starting each day with it. The Diocese of Central Pennsylvania has ordered all churches closed, so I enjoy being back with my friends at St. Mark’s.

  2. Ann Holiay
    | Reply

    Thank you for sharing the anthems. My new church here in Pennsylvania is very small, so I appreciate being able to go back “home” to St. Mark’s. Penny Reid posted the Ave Verum on Facebook, and I play it every morning. Thank you, Penny!

    • Saint Mark's Cathedral

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, Anne! Many people, but particularly Peter and Heather, will be so happy to read this.

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