“Blue Christmas” Candlelight Prayer with Clergy

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UPDATE: At this time, all the slots on Thursday afternoon have been claimed. Please call Erik Donner at 206-323-0300 x217 to schedule an alternative time to come to the nave.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 4–8 p.m. by reservationor another day by appointment;.

Saint Mark’s has a long-standing tradition of holding space for “Blue Christmas” – prayerful care and companionship for those who find the holiday season a painful or difficult time. This year, we offer two particular opportunities to offer grief and lament to  the Holy One who loves us. A Saturday morning workshop and liturgy, Luminous Night: A Spirituality of Loss, Grief, and Hope with interspiritual teacher Mirabai Starr is December 5.

And Blue Christmas Candlelight Prayer with Clergy is the evening of December 17, where you are invited to come to Saint Mark’s for 20-minute prayer sessions. Prayer sessions will take place  in the quiet and peace of the cathedral nave. There are two slots available in each time period, and a party of individuals from the same household may claim a single slot.

While there, you may pray on your own or light a candle to remember a special person, people, or to acknowledge other intentions you hold in your heart. If you desire, you may also talk privately with a clergy member (masked and distanced).

Registration is required. If you cannot come on December 17, a priest is glad to make an appointment with you for another day during the Advent or Christmas season. Call Erik Donner at 206.323.0300 x217 or email edonner@saintmarks.org to schedule a separate time.

(For the safety of our beloved community, only two people or two family units at a time may enter the Cathedral during their pre-registered time. Anyone who enters must sign a health and safety waiver. When you arrive for your appointment, cathedral staff will collect your waiver and take your temperature. You must remain masked at all times and maintain appropriate social distancing while inside cathedral buildings.)

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