Racial Justice Audit and Webinars

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After two years and more than 1,300 surveys, the ground-breaking Racial Justice Audit of Episcopal Leadership is now available to the wider church and public.

Conducted by the Mission Institute in partnership with The Episcopal Church’s Racial Reconciliation and Justice Team, the audit focused on two key questions: who makes up the leadership of the church; and what are their experiences of race and racism in their leadership roles?  The Mission Institute team mined the data for key insights about race and power and offered long-term recommendations.

The audit identifies nine “patterns” of systemic racism – ranging from the historical context of church leadership to current power dynamics — that will also be highlighted in three public webinars in May and June.

You are invited to read, reflect, and share the full report available here.

Similarly, the executive summary is available here.

The new bilingual Racial Justice Audit website features report information and a host of related resources at this link.

Find other resources and announcements from the Racial Justice Team of the Episcopal Church here.


The Racial Justice Team is also hosting three webinars introducing the report and diving deeper.  Register for any/all of the webinars by clicking on the dates below, or by visiting the main Racial Justice Audit website.

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