Cathedral Worship UPDATE, June 28, 2021

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UPDATE: Beginning August 22, 2021, masks are again required for everyone while inside the cathedral building. 





Check out this brief (4-minute) video to hear Dean Steve explain these long-awaited changes:

Many of the restrictions on in-person worship at Saint Mark’s have been lifted!

  • Pre-registration, screening upon arrival, and limits on number of worshippers is ending.
  • Fully vaccinated worshippers may discontinue masks and distancing indoors, if you wish (honor system).


  • There will be a designated “distanced” section for those unvaccinated, or any persons who wish to remain masked and distanced during worship.
  • If you have any symptoms of illness, please stay home!
  • The common cup will not resume just yet.
  • Livestreaming of the 11 a.m. service will continue.
  • Compline will remain closed to the public for a few more weeks.

See you on Sundays!

5 Responses

  1. Raoul Montoya
    | Reply

    thank you, my name is Raoul Montoya, including Daisie Kallop to attend the July 4, 2021 Sunday 9am mass, Bless you and thank you for your help

    • Saint Mark's Cathedral

      Raoul, please just show up at the cathedral Sunday morning! Nothing more is required at this time.

  2. Can you have a 9AM online service sometime. We have our meals here at 11:00AM. Please don’t stop the online service because I’m South of the Airport and I do not have a car. Thank you, Greg

  3. David Smith
    | Reply

    So no wine during communion? Would you consider serving the wine in individual, disposable cups?

    • Saint Mark's Cathedral

      The common cup WILL return eventually, just not quite yet. This is also true for passing the collection plates, real bread instead of wafers, and the few other liturgical practices that are still suspended at this time.

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