Reflections on the Pilgrimage to Iona and the Celtic Missions

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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 6:45–8:15 P.M., in person in Bloedel Hall and online via Zoom. Optional community dinner at 6 p.m. ($6/child; $8/adult; $25/max. family)

Join Dean Thomason, Canon Daugherty, and participants from July’s pilgrimage from Saint Mark’s as they share a bit of their experience and spiritual gleanings while also inviting everyone present to share experiences of sacred travel and why this is an important spiritual practice for all people. A preview of a potential pilgrimage to Ireland will also be shared. All are welcome.

Canon Daugherty's slides from her presentation may be seen here (pdf).

A complete video may be seen below: 

The slide show played before the presentation:
Steve played a brief excerpt from remarks by Phil Cousineau to the group prior to the pilgrimage. His complete presentation may be seen here:

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