Liturgy & Intersectionality: Appropriation or Appreciation?

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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 9:30 A.M. to 3 P.M., in person in Bloedel Hall or online via Zoom; registration required for either option.

How do we pray and worship in a way that fully reflects the fullness of the Kin-dom of God while also honoring the integrity of identity? How can our liturgies be shaped with appreciation of all people vs. appropriation without true integration? Reconciling liturgical traditions that were shaped from a primarily white viewpoint takes the ability to have open and honest conversations around creativity and change, and requires alliance on the Holy Spirit’s call to be one in Christ.

The Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining is an Episcopal priest, liturgical scholar, educator, and author. She is a citizen of the Sault Ste Marie Band of Chippewa Indians of Michigan. This is her final offering as Saint Mark's 2022 Theologian-in-residence; she has previously led a series of workshops on intergeneration trauma and intergenerational blessing, spiritual practices, and Mary Magdalene and spiritual healing.

Fee $35 (for both online and in-person participants). Includes a light lunch and snacks (scholarships available).

UPDATE: A complete video is now available below:

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  1. Elise von Koschembahr
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    I am SO sorry to have to miss this final offering, dear Hillary –
    I am in charge of my three teenage Grandchildren that weekend –
    so I am unable to join for your presentation –
    peace and blessings to you and many thanks as well!

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