Vestry and Conventional Delegate Candidates, 2023

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Vestry Members Continuing in Office

Term ends February 2024:
 Carmen Brady
Chris Rigos
Scott Kovacs
Kathy Minsch
Katie Prettyman, Diocesan Member (Trinity, Everett)
Term ends February 2025:
Wayne Duncan
Scott Hulet
Kristen Kelly
Justin Mills
Tina Blondino, Diocesan Member (St. Michael and All Angels, Issaquah)
Term ends January 2026:
Four members elected at the 2023 Annual Meeting

UPDATE: The new Vestry members elected at the 2023 Annual Meeting were: Greg HammPeter SnyderDoug Thorpe, and Alexandra Thompson

The full slate of candidates for Diocesan Convention delegate listed below were elected by acclamation.

All members of Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral congregation are invited to attend the 2023 Annual Meeting to elect new parish Vestry members and Delegates/Alternates to the Diocesan Convention. The agenda includes brief reports from parish leadership and committees, the presentation of awards, and the Dean’s address. This year there will also be a vote to amend the by-laws to confirm to recent changes to the Washington Non-Profit Corporation Act The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 5, 2023, at 12:30 p.m. and may be attended in person in Bloedel Hall or online via Zoom. The usual potluck meal will not be offered in 2023.

Who makes up the Vestry?

The Vestry currently consists of 17 members: 12 elected from Saint Mark’s Parish, three diocesan members appointed with the consent of the Bishop, the Dean who chairs the Vestry, and the Bishop (or her designee). Additionally, the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Treasurer, and Clerk serve with the Vestry as non-voting officers. All Vestry members are to be persons with demonstrated qualities of dedicated commitment to Saint Mark’s (or their own parish), leadership and vision with responsiveness to the needs, concerns and hopes of the world.

Vestry leadership resides with the Dean and individuals who are traditionally known as “Wardens”, together with other Vestry Officers. In accordance with the By-laws (Art. IV, sec. 1), the Senior Warden, the Chancellor, and Vice Chancellor (the Cathedral’s attorneys) are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Dean. The Junior Wardens, Clerk and Treasurer are elected by the Vestry.

Each member serves for one three-year term. This year, the members completing their terms are: Emily Meeks, Clara Berg, Walter Stuteville, and Doug Thorpe. (Diocesan member Karla Koon stepped down in 2022 to attend seminary, and Becky Kacel from St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, Seattle, has already been elected to fill this position prior to the Annual Meeting.)

Nominating Committee

This committee is designated by the Cathedral’s Constitution and Bylaws to present to the annual Parish meeting a list of nominees for Parish representatives. The committee also invites nominations for delegates to Diocesan Convention. The process involves careful vetting of all candidates and includes interviews with those standing for election to the Vestry. This year’s committee membership is: Julia Logan (chair), Jim Buskirk, Maria Coldwell, Carrie Davis, Emily Meeks, Michael Perera, John Selberg, and Dean Steve Thomason (ex officio). Questions? Contact:

Who can vote in the Parish Election?

Saint Mark’s Constitution (Art. I, sec. 3) provides:

In accordance with the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Olympia, “Parish Communicants” are those baptized persons who are faithful in corporate worship and who have received the Sacrament of Holy Communion at Saint Mark’s at least three times during the previous year (unless good cause prevented)...”;

“Parish Communicants in Good Standing” are those Parish Communicants age sixteen years or older, who are recorded contributors to the support of Saint Mark’s with money or with personal service...
Unless subsequently defined otherwise by Diocesan or Episcopal Church canons, “Parish Electors” shall include all the Parish Communicants in Good Standing.”

Prior to the balloting, nominations may be offered from the floor.

Voting Remotely

Parish Communicants in Good Standing who attend the Annual Meeting virtually using Zoom will be invited to vote using a link that will be posted in the Zoom chat during the meeting. The link to vote will not be available before the meeting. If you have concerns about your ability to vote remotely, call Erik Donner in the Cathedral office at 206.323.0300 ×217.

Complete election rules are presented during the meeting.

About the Diocesan Convention

Each fall, more than 500 convention delegates from around the Diocese of Olympia come together to conduct diocesan business. This includes electing individuals to offices and deputations, admitting worshiping communities as missions or parishes, and voting on resolutions. The Bishop also gives an annual address.

The dates and location of the 2023 convention have not yet been announced.

Convention Delegates are a major link between the parish, the Vestry, and the Diocese, at both convention and other diocesan meetings. Delegates serve for two years. The 12 Delegates elected at the 2023 annual meeting will join the 12 delegates already elected in February 2022.

Candidates for Vestry


A former Roman Catholic, I moved to Seattle from Virginia in 2017, began attending Saint Mark’s with my wife Lauren, and became a member of the Episcopal Church and Saint Mark’s parish in 2021. In my previous parish, I served as a lector, choir member, and confirmation catechist. At Saint Mark’s I serve as a lay reader and member of the Restorative Justice Council. I have facilitated two Radix groups and served in prison ministry at King County jail. I attend weekly Cursillo group and Second Sunday Cathedral book group meetings. I hold a PhD in American history. I have taught at every level of public instruction and served as a historian and manager in Virginia’s State Historic Preservation Office for 35 years. Lauren and I have been married for fifty years and have three sons and six grandchildren. As a member of the Vestry I would strongly uphold and support the welcoming, inclusive spirit of the Saint Mark’s community and our strong commitment to equality, justice and the spiritual growth of our parishioners. I will advocate for the formation of a team of parishioners to research, write and publish an illustrated history of Saint Mark’s Church.


Sallie is a lifelong Episcopalian and fairly new to Saint Mark’s. She was born in Dallas but raised in Galveston, Texas where her family attended Trinity Episcopal Church. Her mother became one of the first female Episcopal priests in Texas. Episcopal schools also shaped Sallie: Trinity in Galveston, St. Stephen’s in Austin, and Sewanee: The University of the South. At each she served in various capacities. While earning her Ed.M. at Harvard, she attended Christ Church Cambridge. In Dallas, where she lived for 26 years, she attended St. Matthew’s Cathedral and married Mark. They later attended St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church and raised their children, Kate and Stephen, there. She served as a Lay Eucharist Minister, Sunday School and Children’s Chapel teacher, Lay Reader, Young Adult Forum facilitator, and Diocesan Convention delegate. She served one term on the Vestry, her last year as Senior Warden. She led a Vestry retreat and stewardship campaign. After moving to Seattle in June 2019, Sallie and Mark joined Saint Mark’s. She finished Education for Ministry and has participated in Radix and EfM book group. During lockdown, she attended many virtual offerings and services. As the world reopens, she plans to engage in Creation Care Ministry and other opportunities. As a writer, teacher, and mental health advocate, Sallie believes she would bring a unique perspective to Vestry. She is open and curious. As a priest’s child, she recognizes clergy demands. Additionally, she has watched her children move through the various stages of growing up Episcopalian.


I grew up in a small town on the Oregon coast. My family did not attend church except for a few times with our grandma. I knew there was a God, because we said the Lords Prayer every morning in school until about 4th grade. I worked in aerospace for 35 years starting out as an airplane mechanic, and then working my way into engineering. I was a mechanical engineer in fasteners with Boeing when I retired in 2017. After retirement I felt like I needed to grow my community so I started attending services at Saint Marks figuring I’d find a good cross section of people on Capitol Hill. The first morning I walked into the 11 a.m. service Carolyn White nabbed me. She told me about the service and sat with me until it ended. After a couple more services I felt like I found a home, so I was baptized and joined the church in 2018. I am currently active in the Garden Ministry and the Facilities Committee, and serve as Greeter, Acolyte, Oblation bearer, and Eucharistic visitor (2nd). I have participated in both Women’s Retreats and in Radix groups. I love to figure out how things go together and how to fix them when they don’t. I’m always trying to learn more about how the church works and where my work is within it. Joining the Vestry might tie it altogether. I’m not sure where I’m going on my journey, but I know I’m going with God.


I have been a member of Saint Mark’s Cathedral for about 6 years. My wife and I relocated to Seattle from New Jersey to be near our sons; earlier we lived in Germany and California. We began attending Saint Mark’s shortly after arriving in Seattle. We were initially drawn by two things: the music offerings and the inclusive spirit that is evident in all the Cathedral does. I am retired; my professional life was spent in both academic settings (computing in genomics and molecular biology) and in biotechnology companies (IT, human resources, and corporate management). Most recently, I consulted for life science companies on issues involving corporate integration, change management, and executive team coaching. I currently serve on the Saint Mark’s Finance Committee and sing in the Cathedral Choir. I served on a subcommittee of the Finance Committee tasked with determining needs and plans for office space at the cathedral. Since 2019, I have chaired the ad hoc Audit Committee for the cathedral Foundation. I feel called to service on the Vestry out of gratitude for Saint Mark’s and its contributions to life in Seattle. As the Cathedral continues to weather many changes wrought by the pandemic and other storms that beset our community, I hope that my background in organizational change and helping people to achieve consensus around common goals could be useful in the Vestry setting as well.


My name is Kelsey Herschberger (she/her) and I’ve been a member of Saint Mark’s Cathedral since my confirmation in November 2021. I serve as a chalice-bearer, work with Creation Care and go to events for the 20s/30s group. I’m also serving as a confirmation mentor and I’m in my second year of Education for Ministry. In my professional life, I work as a business continuity analyst for HomeStreet Bank, a Seattle-based community bank. I’m responsible for implementing the business continuity program, which ensure the bank has plans and infrastructure to weather all kinds of disaster scenarios. I’ve also done quite a bit of volunteer work outside of church. I worked the front desk at Peer, an organization that helps provide peer emotional support and development services to the LGBTQ community. I was the public relations assistant for GeekGirlCon, which is dedicated to celebrating female involvement in all fields of math, the sciences, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, fiction, gaming, and much more. I also wrote public relation materials for Thurston County Coalition Against Trafficking, which works to prevent human trafficking through community partnerships and prevention education.


I was baptized and raised an Episcopalian. After a detour into other denominations, I eventually came home to the Episcopal church because I found there a commitment to “seek and serve Christ in all persons” and an openness to the multitude of ways this commitment can be lived out. I became a member of Saint Mark’s about three years ago, drawn by the community’s focus on justice and inclusivity, and by the beautiful and compelling worship that I experience here. Since then, I have participated in liturgical ministry as a lector, intercessor, and assisting lay minister. I sit on the Council for Intergenerational Ministry, was a delegate to the Diocesan Convention this year, and am currently in my third year of EfM. More recently, I have been involved in racial justice ministries and in our feeding programs. These experiences have enriched my spiritual life in more ways that I can name. I have served on vestries at other parishes, and it would be an honor to do so at Saint Mark’s.


Doug Thorpe is emeritus professor of literature and creative writing from Seattle Pacific University and the author of four books, including Rapture of the Deep: Reflections on the Wild in Art, Wilderness and the Sacred. Having joined the Episcopal Church and Saint Mark’s Cathedral at the Easter Vigil in April 1980, he subsequently served as a Vestry member, a lector, chalice bearer, greeter, and spiritual director. He chaired the Adult Education Committee, taught adult education classes, worked for twenty years with the labyrinth group, and co-led a high school group to Belize (such a hardship!). He currently co-chairs the Mideast Focus Ministry (and serves on the Diocesan Middle East Affairs Committee) and writes for and helps the Creation Care Committee publish its newsletter. He’s married to Judy Andrews, is the father of Kate Thorpe and delighted grandfather of Walter. Doug was elected to the Vestry in 2022 to serve a one-year term, to complete the term of a Vestry member who stepped down before their term was complete.


My name is Alexandra Thompson and I am honored to be nominated for the Vestry. I have watched their work from afar for years and am excited to have the chance to get a closer look at the life of the Cathedral. I have been attending SMC since 2001. I live in West Seattle with my two teen-aged daughters and husband (and our one year old poodle mix). My husband is from the area and works for Boeing. I was born and raised on the campus of the Virginia Theological Seminary and graduated from the nearby Episcopalian high school. In my 20-some years here, I’ve served on a few committees, worked in the Child Care program, and volunteered in the Godly Play program while my daughters were young. I’ve been acolyting for 10 years and recently became the cathedral’s newest Verger. My professional background is primarily in project and program management for King County, but also includes teaching and language translation and interpretation. We are a neuro-diverse family and embrace creative problem solving to every day situations. My younger daughter exclaimed the other night (after a rehearsal of the Pageant of the Nativity) that she loves coming to Saint Mark’s because she likes how coming to the cathedral also means that you can be “in” the Cathedral. I want to be part of the Vestry in part because I want everyone to feel the same way, that coming to the Cathedral means they belong.

Candidates for Diocesan Convention Delegate


No statement submitted






Saint Mark’s has been my spiritual home since my graduation from Pacific Lutheran University in 2013. I am an active member of both the Cathedral Choir and Evensong Choir and have served as an acolyte. I was elected to the Vestry in 2017 and ended my term as Junior Warden for Finance. I have a degree in Religion and work work at the non-profit Holocaust Center for Humanity. I have a passion for the ecumenical, humanitarian, and transformational work that Saint Mark’s provides for this city and diocese.


I first started attending St. Mark’s in 2019 after my husband and I moved to Seattle from Philadelphia. Initially pulled to Saint Mark’s due to continuity—we attended a St. Mark’s in Pennsylvania—I was drawn deeper by the church’s commitment to diversity and equity. Technically a cradle Episcopalian, I spent my college years confidently areligious, but after a spiritual awakening was particularly drawn to Saint Mark’s Education for Ministry program. Now in my fourth year of EfM, I have discovered a passion for theological education and a fascination with Anglican governance and history. Especially after recently baptizing our first child, Grace, at Saint Mark’s, I am eager to take a more active role in the Episcopal diocese and within the Saint Mark’s community.


I have lived in the Greater Seattle area for most of my life. I left to attend university on the East Coast in 2009 and then briefly left again to live in Australia for a year from the summer of 2015 to the summer of 2016. I first attended Saint Mark’s Easter of 2021 for the Easter sunrise liturgy. I was looking for an accepting spiritual home. I grew up in the Evangelical tradition and I didn’t feel safe going back once I started my transition as a transgender woman. Everyone was so nice to me at the Cathedral and the Rev. Canon Jennifer Daugherty kindly made it clear to me that I was welcome here. At my previous churches I served in children’s ministry and hospitality. At Saint Mark’s I have served in Altar Guild, as a Eucharistic Minister as a Chalice Bearer, and as an Acolyte. I am also involved in helping to start a LGBTQIA+ ministry and as well as the 20s/30s group. Professionally, I have worked as a congressional staffer, a member of the buying team for Costco Wholesale, and currently as a Human Resources Personnel Specialist also at Costco.


I have been a member of St. Mark’s Cathedral since 2007, confirmed in 2009. My current ministries include serving as an acolyte, chalice bearer, coordinating our Eucharistic Visitor ministry, and I’ve taken a Cathedral-related picture or two. I have previously served as a delegate to the Diocesan Convention and am pleased to serve again. I appreciate the opportunity it provides the Cathedral delegation to meet parishioners from around the Diocese, while offering insight into our contribution to the Diocesan community.


Carleton Macdonald is a member of the Saint Mark’s Singers and has been an active member of the Episcopal Church for decades. He served as a Vestry member and convention delegate in his previous church in the Washington, DC area. After retiring, he moved to the Seattle area. He and his wife were married at Saint Mark’s in 2020.


I am already engaged in various ministries and roles at Saint Mark’s, including serving as a Lector, hosting Newcomers’ Coffee Hour, and organizing the Ministry Fair. My top areas of interest at Saint Mark’s are ones addressing social injustice, racial inequalities, greater access to economic & social opportunities people with many barriers, sanctuary for those fleeing persecution, and immigration issues. I’m honored to be nominated for Diocesan Convention Delegate.


I started attending Saint Mark’s with my beloved spouse, Matthew Briggs, when we moved to Seattle in August 2018 to begin my doctoral program in adult clinical psychology at the University of Washington. We were previously members of Saint Thomas’ Parish in Washington DC. At Saint Mark’s, I attend events with the 20s/30s Group, and I co-facilitated a book group on Newell’s Listening for the Heartbeat of God: A Celtic Spirituality during Lent 2022. I spoke with the Sanit Mark’s confirmation class about how faith informing my lived experience in January 2023, served as a small group facilitator in the summer of 2020 as part of Saint Mark’s series on “Taking up our Responsibility for Racial Justice,” and volunteered with Saint Mark’s ministry to those without access to stable housing. Significantly, my life at Saint Mark’s is informed by using the funds donated in loving memory of my beloved spouse, Matthew Briggs, to align with his last will and testament to, “(1) serve marginalized youth and (2) lovingly challenge privileged youth to consider how they may more equitably share their power.” As such, I am honored to support the upcoming visits to Saint Mark’s of Dr. Christena Cleveland and The Rev. Wil Gafney, Ph.D.


I’m excited by the prospect of being a delegate to our 2023 Diocesan Convention. I believe that participation is an important part of ones ministry: to learn, to network, to represent the wishes of the parish in the business of the Diocese, to be a part of the larger Episcopal community and to share those experiences with the church family on return. A lifelong Episcopalian, I transferred to the Cathedral in 2021. I am active member of the Quilt Ministry and in the past have served on the Book Shop advisory board. Before retiring in 2013, I was the manager of the Cathedral Book Store at St. Philip’s Atlanta. I’m an EfM graduate with 2 years experience as mentor. I have served on 3 vestries in 3 different states including St. Elizabeth’s Burien. I’m a volunteer with the Friends of Seattle Public Library, League of Women Voters and the Missing in America Project.


No statement submitted






It is an honor to be nominated to be a convention delegate from Saint Mark’s to the Diocesan convention. I appreciate the opportunity to represent Saint Mark’s at the convention, but more importantly, I look forward to the opportunity that the convention provides to listen to the experiences of other congregations and to learn from other delegates. As a person who has been an elected official at the local level of government, I understand the importance of thoughtful governance—and also understand that change takes time. My wife, Nancy, and I have attended Saint Mark’s since 2003 and in that time I have been involved with the sanctuary ministry and I am currently involved with the Eucharistic visitor ministry. As a retired engineer, I apply my skills at keeping numbers straight by serving as a collection counter.


My family and I arrived at Saint Mark’s in the fall of 2003 after exploring multiple churches in the Diocese. We were inspired by the cathedral’s stance on peace and justice and were invited by the proclamation that all are welcome here, wherever they are on their faith journey. Since our arrival, I have been active at Noel House, the Welcome Table, the Hunger Offering, the Sanctuary Ministry, feeding Tent City, Education for Ministry, the Eucharistic Visitors and I have attended convention as a delegate. As a retired teacher interested in justice and compassion and an alumna of 1950’s Cathedral Days with deep roots in this Diocese, I find a place in my heart for both the Cathedral and the larger Diocese of Olympia. It is an honor to have been nominated to be a convention delegate.

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