All Desires Known: A Theology of Sexuality

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A 20s/30s Conversation with Dean Steve Thomason

SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 7:30–9 pm, Leffler House

Nothing is more human than our sexuality. The world can send many signals about the body, sex and sexuality that can be confusing or toxic.  In this conversation with Dean Steve Thomason, we'll discuss a theology of sexuality and how it can deeply resonate with the divine mystery and the gift of desire that flows from it. We'll consider how an understanding of sexuality does not have to be distorted and can be life-giving as we lean into our inherent goodness as sexual beings. Do you have questions you may like to see explored? Email Luke Abdow ( in advance. Light refreshments provided. Afterward, some may choose to go to Compline together.

UPDATE: Resources shared by Dean Steve Thomason: 

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