School Supplies Requested for Lowell Elementary

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The administrators and staff of Lowell Elementary School, our neighbor on Capitol Hill, have begun preparing for their students to return to class, and could use our help! (The Lowell Student body includes a large proportion of children from families experiencing homelessness or in transitional housing, as well as a disproportionate number of medically fragile students.) Their principal writes:

Hello, and Happy Summer, Wonderful Lowell Community Partners!

We have started a Lowell 2023-24 school supply list using this Amazon Wish List. If you are able to contribute to our student school supply list for 23-24, that would be wonderful. These are supplies to be shared collectively in classrooms for our approx.: 370 students.

With gratitude for your kindness and love for our school,

—Chelsea Dziedzic, Principal of Lowell Elementary

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  1. Jacquelyn Miller
    | Reply

    Neither of the links are working for me.

    • Saint Mark's Cathedral

      Jacquelyn, the link was broken at first but it was corrected a few days later and is correct now. It might be (and I’m very sorry if this is the case) that you have to log in to an Amazon account in order to see the list? Apologies for the inconvenience!

  2. Jacquelyn Miller
    | Reply

    I assumed that my order from Amazon would be delivered to Lowell, but some items were delivered to my home. What do I do with these items?

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