Questioning Together + Compline

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SECOND SUNDAYS (September-May), 7:30–10 P.M., Leffler House

Questioning Together and Compline is held on the second Sunday of each month. Join in for a conversation exploring a question of faith with a facilitator providing background on the topic. At 9:15, there is an option to head over to Compline together. Questions? Email Emily:

Upcoming Topics & Facilitators:

SUNDAY, APRIL 14, 2024: What does it mean to practice evangelism as Episcopalians? 

Facilitator: The Most Rev. Melissa Skelton

Come explore this question with Bishop Melissa Skelton as we discuss ways evangelism can be reclaimed and used as a spiritual practice that is lifegiving and welcoming. We’ll consider how Episcopal/Anglican identity informs this approach in seeking, naming and sharing Christ’s presence in all persons. Questions? Email Emily Meeks (



SUNDAY, MAY 12, 2024: Poetry and Spirituality

Facilitator: Prof. Doug Thorpe

Join 20s30s members Molly Bosch (poet and writer) and Molly Porter (UW English PhD student), along with Doug Thorpe (SPU Professor Emeritus of Literature), to talk about their experiences with poetry and spirituality. The evening will include a group discussion of prayerful poems by George Herbert, Rainer Maria Rilke, and more.





Past Series Topics in 2023

SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2024: What is Anglo-Catholicism? 

Facilitator: The Rev. Canon Linzi Stahlecker

We will look back on a brief history of the movement and how it translates to our contemporary context. Theological themes and questions will include a focus on the sacraments, the importance of beauty, and a legacy of social justice. Questions? Email Fraser (



SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2023: How Much is Enough?

Facilitator: The Very Rev. Steven L. Thomason

Join in for discussion on the relationship between money and Christian life. Living in a world that spans a spectrum of extreme need and great excess, this gathering is a time to ponder "how much is enough" in our own lives. This session will seek to offer insight and discussion on money in our context, and explore how we can improve the stewardship of our resources in our lives, church, and community. At 9:15, there is an option to head over to Compline together. Questions? Email Fraser Reach:


SUNDAY, JANUARY 14, 2024: Exploring the Mystics
Facilitator: The Rev. Canon Jennifer King Daugherty

This month's discussion will focus on the roots of Mysticism, Celtic Spirituality, and how the Mystics practiced a spirituality rooted in discovering the indwelling Divine in all creation. Please join this lively discussion to dive deeper into the lives of the Mystics and discuss how exploring Mysticism may enhance our inner spiritual lives and our spiritual community.



SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2023: Food and Faith
Facilitator: Brian Sellers Petersen 

Join in for a conversation on how food practices can reflect Christ in how we cultivate diversity and stewardship, support the land, and nourish mind, body and spirit. Brian is the author of Harvesting Abundance: Local Initiatives of Food and Faith, the host of Spade Spoon Soul podcast and a consultant on Good News Gardens.




SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2023: Gratitude and the Saints

Facilitator: The Rev. Danae Ashley

In the weeks approaching All Saints' Day and a season of reflection and gratitude, join in for a conversation about the significance of the saints in the Episcopal tradition and how our relationship with the saints fosters gratitude. How can the values of these venerated saints inform our attitude about gratitude in contemporary life? The Rev. Danae Ashley, a priest in the Diocese of Olympia and licensed marriage and family therapist, will facilitate this spirited discussion.

Learn more about The Rev. Danae Ashley
A native of Spokane, Washington, the Rev. Danae Ashley is an Episcopal priest and marriage and family therapist who has ministered with parishes in North Carolina, New York, Minnesota, and Washington State and is a marriage and family therapist at Soul Spa Seattle, LLC. Danae uses the Arts in counseling, spiritual direction, and creation of ritual. She also joined the Episcopal Church’s CREDO Faculty in 2022, living into another aspect of her call of supporting clergy across the Church. Danae has written for Working Preacher, Luther Seminary’s Faith+Lead, Episcopal Café, and Sermons that Work, as well as being a contributor to podcasts, books, and producing a play about fertility struggle. She writes and does the audio narration for Sermons That Work, a global ministry of the Episcopal Church. Her favorite past times include reading, traveling with her husband, making sure their rescue dog, Cooper, is living his best life, dancing with wild abandon to Celtic music, and serious karaoke.


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2023: Faith Outside the Church

Facilitators: The Rev. Paul Benz and The Rev. Michael Cox,

What does it look like to deconstruct the meaning of “church” and apply it to a context that exists outside a physical building? Join us for a conversation about the power of connection when our faith is brought outside the church walls and onto the streets. We will be welcoming The Rev. Paul Benz, who was ordained in the ELCA church and The Rev. Michael Cox, who was ordained in the Assemblies of God and transferring to the Disciples of Christ. Both individuals work as Street Ministers with Operation Nightwatch, a Christian nonprofit working to bring the power of chaplaincy and presence to those living and sleeping on the streets of Seattle. We will explore the idea of “church” as an expansive meaning of sharing Christ in the most human moments of connection in the world and what it looks like to live out the understanding of Christian ministry in the context of accompaniment and kinship with those on the margins. Dessert provided. At 9:15, we'll head over to Compline together. Questions? Email Molly (

SUNDAY, AUGUST 6*, 2023: Geographic Location and Faith Expression 

Facilitator: The Rev. Canon Elise Johnston 

*note: first Sunday in August 2023 only

How does a sense of place shape theology and belief? Join for a conversation to explore how different social, political and geographic landscapes can provide different contexts of expressing faith with Canon Elise Johnstone from St. John the Baptist Episcopal, West Seattle. Learn more about Canon Elise here. Dessert provided. At 9:15, we'll head over to Compline together.




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Links and resources from each meeting will be posted here as they become available.

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