Queer Conversations

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Join the Queer in Christ ministry after Choral Evensong for "Queer Conversations". We will meet following the conclusion of Evensong in Cathedral House 210, for refreshment, fellowship, and a discussion on a variety of topics.

  • MAY 5, 2024: The Rev. Canon Rich Weyls, Saint Mark's newest staff priest will discuss his journey from the Roman Catholic Church to the Episcopal Church, his marriage to his husband Mark, his background as a hospital chaplain, and more.
  • APRIL 7, 2024: The Rev. Lisa Graumlich (newly ordained deacon and Dean Emerita of the College of the Environment at UW) will lead a conversation themed around the article shared a few months ago, "Queering Climate Activism."
  • MARCH 3, 2024: The Reverend Linzi Stahlecker will lead a conversation about grief.
  • FEBRUARY 4, 2024: Michael Garrett (MS, CCM), a health equity and case/care management consultant, who will lead a conversation about LGBTQ+ healthcare
  • JANUARY 7, 2024: We will be joined by Canon Daugherty, and Rachel and Russ Crosbie as co-facilitators of the conversation, discussing how queer people can find meaning in religious expression while also honoring their gender, gender identity, and orientation, and how the church's theology affirms and nurtures this integration.
  • DECEMBER 3, 2023: no meeting due to the "O" Antiphons Liturgy
  • NOVEMBER 5, 2023: We will discuss the saints in our tradition that have been embraced by the queer community (including Vida Dutton Scudder, Marina the Monk, Perpetua and Felicity, and Simeon Bachos), as well as those holy people who have been saints to us in our own lives.
  • OCTOBER 1, 2023: We will be joined by Communications Director Gregory Bloch, who will lead us in a fascinating conversation about the queer history of Saint Mark's.

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