Rethinking Poverty: Faith, Place, and Relationality

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TWO WEDNESDAYS, OCTOBER 11 & 18, 2023, 6:45–8:15 P.M., in person in Bloedel Hall or Online via Zoom. Optional community dinner at 6 p.m. ($6/child; $8/adult; $25/max. family)

Led by The Rev. Linzi Stahlecker and Sarah Elwood

Poverty is perhaps one of the most pressing issues of our time. Across two weeks, we will explore impoverishment with Saint Mark's parishioner Sarah Elwood, one of the co-authors of Abolishing Poverty: Toward Pluriverse Futures and Politics, a book published in August. Sarah will share from her own lived experience (both personal and scholarly), about the power of relationship and the impact of unidentified boundaries in the landscape of our understanding. What role does faith play in our response to impoverishment? How might our relationships, with God and with one another, transform our understanding of the complex causes of impoverishment, and shape our collective learning and actions across boundaries of many kinds? Sarah is Professor of Geography at the University of Washington, and co-founder of the Relational Poverty Network, a transnational interdisciplinary group of scholars working in the field of relational poverty studies.

Part 2, on October 18, will include a panel discussion with The Rev. Christopher Cox of Operation Nightwatch Seattle, parishioner Molly Bosch, a public health nurse at Harborview Hospital, and The Rev. Kae Eaton of the Mental Health Chaplaincy. You are welcome and encouraged to attend, in person or online, whether or not you participated in Part 1.

Join online using this Zoom link (same link for both sessions).

UPDATE: Video of parts 1 & 2 are now available below:


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