Special Forum: It’s Complicated—War (and Peace) in the Holy Land

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MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 7–8 P.M., online via Zoom only

Dean Thomason will offer a brief historical perspective on the war unfolding now. How did we get here? Its roots can be traced across decades, even centuries. How do we find a way out? We will look at Just War Theory and other ethical guides to war and peace specific to the Holy Land. Guided by the theological virtues of faith, hope and love, we will seek to humanize all involved. And we will hold time for a structured conversation around our grief at what is and our hopes for what may yet be amidst the suffering and strife. Note: this is not a platform for demagoguery, debate, or partisan point-making. Take a pass if that is your impulse. We seek a space of compassion (the word literally means “to suffer together”).

UPDATE: The slides for this presentation may be downloaded (pdf) here.

Resources shared at this forum: 

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