Sunday Forum on The Pageant of the Nativity

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The Pageant of the Nativity at Saint Mark's: An Inside Look at Its History, Inspiration, and Imagery

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 10:10–10:50 A.M., Bloedel Hall

Anyone who has attended the cathedral's Pageant of the Nativity since 2015 can confirm: this is not your average children's Christmas pageant! Bejeweled crowns, the creative use of cathedral finery, four choirs with guest instrumentalists, a focus on prayer and Holy Scripture, and even a Royal Hound make this grand liturgy welcoming the Incarnation something unique to Saint Mark's. At this Sunday morning forum, the Pageant's co-producers, Rebekah Gilmore (director of the cathedral Choir School) and Dr. James Savage (former Director of Music at St. James Cathedral in Seattle), will give a behind-the-scenes look at the traditions and imagery which originally inspired the liturgy, how it has changed over the past 8 years, and the ideas that lie at the foundation of this special telling of the birth of Jesus through music, action, and art.

UPDATE: A complete video is now available below:

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