A Cathedral’s Complicity in Redlining and Restrictive Covenants

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WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 2024, 6:45–8:15 P.M., in person in Bloedel Hall or online via ZoomOptional community dinner at 6 p.m. ($6/child; $8/adult; $25/max. family)

A Cathedral's Complicity in Redlining and Restrictive Covenants 

Telling the Truth for a More Just Future

As Saint Mark’s Cathedral considers redeveloping the St. Nicholas property for affordable housing, there is an opportunity to reflect on the history of North Capitol Hill in which racial redlining and restrictive covenants discriminated against people of color. Segregation suppressed homeownership and wealth building opportunities for people of color and has contributed to ongoing impact of housing inequities. Join to learn more about Seattle’s unique civil rights history and racial segregation and consider how church communities have responsibility to honestly face this and respond in just ways in our time.

Optional community dinner served at 6 p.m. ($6/child; $8/adult; $25/max. family)


The Rev. Canon Carla Robinson
Canon for Multicultural Ministries and Community Transformation, Diocese of Olympia

Multicultural Ministries and Community Transformation



Sophie Betz
Research Associate, The University of Washington

Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project



E.N. West
Lead Organizer, The Church Council of Greater Seattle 

Faith Land Initiative



The Very Rev. Steve Thomason
Dean and Rector, Saint Mark's Cathedral 

Affordable Housing on the St. Nicholas Site


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