Announcing: the “Third Acters” Retirees Group

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The First Hybrid Third Act-ers Potluck Brunch 

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 12:30–2 P.M., in Leffler House or online via Zoom

The first Third Act-ers Retirees Group Potluck Brunch will be this Sunday, February 25, 12:30–2 p.m. in Leffler House as well as on Zoom. In addition to sharing food and conversation, there will also be an invitation to share ideas about what activities and gatherings the group could plan going forward. Contact Kathy Minsch ( and/or Elizabeth Clark-Stern ( with any questions. Please bring food to share if in person. For those online, join using this Zoom link.

FIRST MEETING: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 3–4:30 P.M., online via Zoom

UPDATE: The March 12 meeting has been cancelled due to illness.

Saint Mark’s retiree group, the “Third Acters,” is for people approaching retirement, or those already retired who are seeking support, knowledge, and a joyful community for the “Third Act,” of our journey on Earth. Linzi Stahlecker will join us on Zoom the second Tuesday of every month, 3-4:30 p.m. The first meeting on Tuesday, November 14 will be an Open House for everyone to share or observe.

A guidebook for our journey will be Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward, which challenges the prevailing cultural myths about aging. He writes, “Get ready for a great adventure, the one you were born for, some new freedom, some dangerous permission, some radical grace.” All are welcome! To get the Zoom link to join, contact Kathy Minsch ( or Elizabeth Clark-Stern (

UPDATE: There will be no meeting in December 2023. 

Subsequent meetings are planned for the second Tuesday of each month.


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  1. Patricia de la Fuente
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    I can not attend via Zoom for the first session on the 14th 9my dix group is currently meeting on Tuesdays, but would be very interested in joining such a group, and see how that goes. Therefore, is it okay if I join in on the third meeting, the 28th?

    I quite understand if this is not acceptable, but in any case think it is grand to start something for we seniors ( some of whom have been part of
    St Marks for a very long time. We use to have a senior group many years ago- but in person attendance became an issue).

    Thank you .

    Patricia de la Fuente

  2. Judith Raunig-Graham
    | Reply

    I, too, think this is an important offering for older people whose issues and interests may differ from those of the youngest members. I had been hoping such a group would be established. (Some of the discussions offered to the 20’s-30’s group have looked quite interesting; yet, older people might have either a different take on something, and/or need some “updating.)
    Keeping up w/ changes in the world, and in personal lives, can be demanding.

    How “third actors” can offer support to one another and refuel their spirits is good work.

    I will be looking forward participating,
    Warm regards,
    Judy R-G

  3. Wendy Townsend
    | Reply

    Wonderful news! I will still be in India for the first meeting (goig tomy grandson’s wedding n Mombai) but I will be back on January 18! Looking forward to participating!!!

  4. Paul Menth
    | Reply

    This is wonderful news. I look forward to participating and worshiping with this group. I am dealing with a knee and leg issue right now and will not be able participate for a few months, but hopefully by May. I’m 68yrs old, single, originally from Minnesota and went to St Olaf College. I have been in Seattle off and on all my life as I had many relatives here. I have been here permanently for 30+ years.

    Looking forward to the group.
    PeacPaul Menth ✝️

  5. Wendy Townsend
    | Reply

    Sorry I missed today! A tree fell cross our driveway and just now it is moved (12 inches thick.) Looking forward to the next meeting and please add my name to the list

    • Saint Mark's Cathedral

      Oh no Wendy! Glad to hear no one was hurt!!

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