Creation Care Stories, Volume 3

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The Creation Care Ministry has created a Story Sharing Project to allow parishioners to share actions they are taking related to Creation Care, as a way for parishioners to share their good work and to encourage others to help reduce climate change. Stories can be about any action you are taking, large or small, to care for creation and mitigate climate change. Stories can take the form of a brief written essay, a video, a photo album, an infographic, or a piece of podcast-style audio. Sharing these stories can help others to learn, lead to new ideas about what to do, and be an inspiration for others to take action too. See guidelines to submit your own story here, or share a response or idea by simply using the "reply" box below! 

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Changes Big and Small

We have done a number of things to care for creation. A decade ago, we replace our lawn with much, shrubs and ground covers. On an ongoing basis, we have used fabric scraps to make comfort quilts or for other projects with the Cathedral Quilt Ministry, and anything we did not use was recycled with Ridwell. When we have extra books, we donate them to the Friends of the Seattle Public Library so they can resell them to raise funds or distribute them to others. And in 2023, we took the big step of installing solar panels and a heat pump. Along with mitigating climate change, these change have made our lives much more enjoyable.

— Sue & Ed Tierney

Saying NO to a Second Car

After I totaled our second car, we had to decide whether to replace it. I had purchased an e-bike for my husband the year before and we shared it. Minor squabbles about placement of panier bags and handlebar mitts aside, it worked very well. I would often ride the bike with one of my two pre-teen aged daughters on the back, recalling the days of my youth when I rode on the back of friends’ bikes. However, it turns out that most bikes these days are not made to carry more than 60 pounds on the back rack.

When I saw that Rad was selling a bike with a jump seat on the back for a second rider and was designed to carry up to 300 pounds, we had an opportunity not to be missed. Despite the challenges of ordering the bike, my Radrunner Plus has been a reliable road friend. Paired with a neon helmet and vest, I feel safe on the roads. Riding with one of my two children, both now teens, has an extra special benefit. As they enjoy the fresh air and traveling more slowly on the back of a bike, they sometimes open up and share details of their day with me. This is a very big gift.

So, we don’t have a second car. We did sign up with ZipCar as an option, although we haven’t tried it. We take a bus or walk when distance and time allows. And in a pinch, we have used a taxi—using some of the money we had saved for a new car to pay for the rides. We have gotten a ride or two from friends, that’s for sure. But we have remained independent when we can. For a family of four, we are trying to stick to having only one car. So far, the ride has definitely been worth it!

—Alexandra Thompson

Watch this space for more to come! 

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