Choral Evensong with the Compline Choir (Pentecost 2, 2024)

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Choral Evensong on the Second Sunday after Pentecost | June 2, 2024

Special service of Choral Evensong offered with The Compline Choir

Service Leaflet 

Offerings given at this liturgy will benefit the Compline Choir's pilgrimage scholarship fund, which allows all members of the choir to participate in the upcoming pilgrimage to cathedrals in the U.K. regardless of their ability to pay. Please make a donation to The Compline Choir directly, if you are able, using the link found at:


  • The Service Leaflet contains all you need to fully participate in each liturgy from home.


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  • Video of past services can be seen here.
  • Audio and printed text of sermons can be found here.

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