New Mutual Ministry Goals for 2024

Mutual Ministry Goals highlight areas of focus for the coming year across the many ministries of Saint Mark’s Cathedral as well as for vestry and staff.  Drawing on the six themes of the 2024 Strategic Plan, on the Statement of Lament and Commitment to Action, and on previous mutual ministry goals, the vestry has adopted three goals (below) for the coming year.

1. Cast a fresh vision for our work of stewardship as a year-round spiritual practice.

We recognize that the Cathedral’s community and missions are made possible by contributions of time, talents, money, and care of creation.  Guided by our identity as stewards of all that God has gifted us, we will develop a vision of stewardship as a year-round spiritual practice for each of us.  We will work to showcase the work of various ministries as a means of telling the story of what our stewardship and contributions can accomplish.

Strategic themes:  Stewarding our Resources; Empowering the Call to Action and Service; Connecting and Telling our Stories; Being Rooted in Spiritual Practices

2. Lay the groundwork for a successful capital campaign to be launched in 2025.

A new capital campaign is needed to address several current strategic needs:  a) meeting our creation care goal for all Cathedral properties to be net carbon zero by 2030 (this will not be achievable without substantial campus investments);  b) enhancing Cathedral worship experiences by addressing long-deferred aesthetic and infrastructure aspects in the cathedral nave; and c) endowing gifts to support the ministry of cathedral music in its diverse expressions.

Strategic themes:  Being Rooted in Spiritual Practices; Stewarding Our Resources; Expanding Regional Reach and Welcome; Cultivating Diverse Community.

 3. Engage the ongoing exploration of Affordable Housing on the cathedral campus.

The vestry views the plan to develop the St. Nicholas property for Affordable Housing as a missional project, guided by our restorative justice values while embracing the important intergenerational work of Becoming Beloved Community.  Substantial progress in planning was made in 2023; in 2024, the project is expected to accelerate toward a decision and to require further engagement by the vestry and other ministries.

Strategic themes:  Cultivating Diverse Community; Empowering the Call to Action and Service; Stewarding our Resources; Expanding Regional Reach and Welcome.

Download a PDF of the Mutual Ministry Goals Document here.

Mutual Ministry Goals 2022

What is a mutual ministry goal? An area of focus designed to inform and guide our work as a community. 

In April 2021, the Vestry set three goals centered upon the work of justice, creation care, and intergenerational ministry. These goals were again unanimously approved by the vestry in February 2022 to continue the course of lifelong spiritual formation for every person in this cathedral community. They are intended to touch every aspect of our common life.

What are the 2022 mutual ministry goals? 

Creation Care & Carbon Reduction:

In solidarity with future generations, grounded in our Christian duty to preserve and protect God’s creation and promote justice, we will educate, empower, and support the cathedral and its members to become carbon neutral by 2030. 

Intergenerational &Innovative Community:

As we envision ways of being Church in a post-pandemic world, we will foster spiritual growth and nourishing relationships among members of the cathedral community through intergenerational programming, small group gatherings, and innovative ways to incorporate those new to Saint Mark’s as we seek to become Beloved Community.

Restorative Justice & Systemic Change:

Drawing on our scriptural enjoinder to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God, we will renew our commitment to seek and serve Christ in all persons, working toward restorative justice and the dignity of every human being while lamenting and working to change those systemic evils— in the church and the world—that corrupt and destroy the creatures of God.

Click here to view and print a PDF of the document. 

2023 Vestry liaisons and clergy/staff by ministry scope

The Vestry restructured standing committees to embrace these goals and reflect on the work in light of them. 

Creation Care & Carbon Reduction 

      • Vestry liaison: Kathy Minsch & Doug Thorpe
      • Clergy/staff liaison: The Rev. Canon Jennifer King Daugherty

Intergenerational & Innovative Community

      • Vestry liaison: Kristen Kelly, Becky Kacel, and Alexandra Thompson
      • Clergy/staff liaison: Canon Wendy Claire Barrie

Restorative Justice

      • Vestry liaison: Doug Thorpe, Scott Hulet, Carmen Brady, Katie Prettyman
      • Clergy/staff liaison: The Very Rev. Steven L. Thomason
The vestry has discussed ways to engage in ministry at Saint Mark’s even when you can’t make it to campus. Click here to learn more.

A Sunday morning forum on the state of these goals was offered on Sunday, March 27, at 10:10 a.m., in person in Bloedel Hall or online via Zoom.
View the slides from the presentation here.
View a video of the event below. (Note that the first few minutes of the forum were not recorded.)
The role of the Mutual Ministry Goals in the life of the cathedral may be imagined like the pyramid above. Click the image to enlarge.