Ongoing events for Newcomers

Newcomer's Coffee: On the first Sunday of the month, after the 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. services, Saint Mark's hosts newcomers for coffee and conversation with members of the clergy and congregation. It’s a great opportunity to become acquainted with Saint Mark’s and each other. If you are new to Saint Mark’s or to the Episcopal Church, join us! We'd love to get to know you better.

Newcomer's Brunch: Several times a year, Saint Mark's hosts a brunch for newcomers after the 11 a.m. service. The brunches are a great opportunity to meet Saint Mark’s parishioners and staff members and learn more about activities and ministries at the cathedral. Subscribe to Sundays and Beyond for the latest

Inquirer's Classes: In the fall and spring we offer Inquirers Classes–a great opportunity to engage with the Christian faith and learn about the Episcopal Church and Saint Mark’s. The series runs for several weeks and can be used as preparation for confirmation and reception into the Episcopal Church. Some like to attend these classes after being away from the church and make a Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows. Read about other adult classes here.

Confirmation & Baptism: These are two common and very good reasons for initiating a relationship with a church. Saint Mark’s offers preparation for both confirmation and baptism. The first step for either should be a conversation with a member of our clergy. We would be pleased to help you plan and prepare for these sacred events.

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