Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral strives to be...

  • a house of prayer for all people, where we worship God and proclaim the reconciling Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • a loving, welcoming, inclusive community that nurtures faith, encourages service, and integrates social and environmental justice into our lives;
  • a sacred gathering place for the Diocese of Olympia and the broader community in times of crisis, sorrow, and celebration.

Saint Mark's Cathedral is part of the Episcopal Church, and as a cathedral, serves as the seat of the Bishop of the Diocese of Olympia.


What we do

  • We gather in prayer to experience God and to seek spiritual renewal and direction.
  • We offer diverse worship services that engage people through liturgy, spoken word, and music.
  • We create faith formation opportunities that invite people to grow, wherever they are on their journey of faith.
  • We build a vibrant community life by sharing our stories and nurturing our relationships.
  • We practice Christ’s message of justice in all of our ministries through service to others.


Spiritual practices include

  • daily prayer
  • weekly worship
  • regular study
  • serving others
  • taking Sabbath time for renewal
  • making pilgrimage
  • practicing hospitality to all
  • generous, joyful giving from what we have been given.

Guiding principles

We invite people of all faiths and cultures to share this house of prayer.

We are inspired by the light of Christ and are fed by the deep springs of the Spirit.

We serve the poor and those in need, we engage in the work of justice at home and abroad, and we seek to be good stewards of the earth.

We seek to be transformed by love and to share this love generously with others.


Where we’re headed

To read more about the strategic direction Saint Mark’s is taking, please see the 2020 Strategic Plan (adopted January 2020, before the pandemic).


Learn more

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2021 Statement of Lament and Commitment to Action

2020 Annual Report (published January 2021)

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