Candidates for Vestry and Diocesan Convention Delegate, 2021

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Meet the Vestry Candidates!


Sunday, January 24, 2021, in the Zoom Coffee Hour following the 11 a.m. service

Vestry Members Continuing in Office

Term ends January 2022:
Kristen Austin
Jim Buskirk
Marjorie Ringness
Robert Stevens
Micah Kuntz (St. Columba’s Kent), Diocesan Member
Term ends January 2023:
Peter McClung, Junior Warden
Walter Stuteville, Junior Warden
Clara Berg
Emily Meeks
Karla Koon (St. Andrew’s, Seattle), Diocesan Member
Term ends January 2024:
Four members elected at the 2021 Annual Meeting

All members of St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral congregation are invited to attend the 2021 Annual Meeting to elect four parish Vestry members and twelve Delegates/Alternates to the Diocesan Convention. The Annual Meeting will open on Sunday, January 24, 2020 at 9:45 AM for the purpose of announcing the candidates and opening nominations from the floor and go into recess until it resumes at 9:45 AM on Sunday, January 31, 2021. The agenda will include:

  • The Annual Parish Election of 4 Vestry members and 12 delegates to Diocesan Convention.
  • Brief reports from parish leadership and committees.

See the complete agenda for all three sessions of the 2021 Annual Meeting here.

Who makes up the Vestry?

The Vestry currently consists of 17 members: 12 elected from St. Mark’s Parish, three diocesan members appointed with the consent of the Bishop, the Dean who chairs the Vestry, and the Bishop (or his designee). Additionally, the Chancellor, Treasurer, and Clerk serve with the Vestry as non-voting officers. All Vestry members are to be persons with demonstrated qualities of dedicated commitment to St. Mark’s (or their own parish), leadership and vision with responsiveness to the needs, concerns and hopes of the world.

Vestry leadership resides with the Dean and individuals who are traditionally known as “wardens”, together with other Vestry Officers. In accordance with the By-laws Article IV, Sec. 1, the Senior Warden and Chancellor (the Cathedral’s attorney) are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Dean. The Junior Wardens, Clerk and Treasurer are elected by the Vestry. Currently, the Dean prefers to appoint as Senior Warden the leader chosen by the Vestry.

Each member serves for one three-year term. This year, the members completing their terms are: Julia Logan, Senior Warden; Carrie Davis, Kari Nasby, and Michael Perera.

The Vestry shall aid and support the Rector to promote the spiritual welfare and growth of the Parish. The Vestry shall transact the temporal affairs of the Parish.

—Saint Mark’s Cathedral Bylaws

In considering the Vestry Nominees

When choosing among the Vestry candidates, the Nominating Committee invites you to consider the following about each person:

  • Dedication to the Saint Mark’s community that is demonstrated by regular participation in worship and
  • A gift for leadership with the ability to communicate effectively and work constructively with
  • Support of the mission and ministries of Mark’s that is demonstrated by active ministry leadership and a history of regular pledging of financial support.
  • Experience with organizational structures and
  • Ability to understand the large and complex financial life of the
  • Understanding of the challenges involved in living through the dual missions of a Cathedral and a
  • A commitment to strengthening the Cathedral’s role in the community.
  • A desire to maintain strong Parish relationships within the

Who can vote in the Parish Election?

St. Mark’s Constitution (Art.1, sec.3) provides: In accordance with the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Olympia, “Parish Communicants” are those baptized persons who are faithful in corporate worship and who have received the Sacrament of Holy Communion at St. Mark’s at least three times during the previous year (unless good cause prevented) . . .”; "Parish Communicants in Good Standing” are those Parish Communicants age sixteen years or older, who are recorded contributors to the support of St. Mark’s with money or with personal service. . .Unless subsequently defined otherwise by Diocesan or Episcopal Church canons, “Parish Electors” shall include all the Parish Communicants in Good Standing.”  For purposes of voting at the 2021 Annual Meeting, the inability to have received the Sacrament of Holy Communion at St. Mark’s at least three times during the previous year because of the Cathedral closure due to the pandemic will be considered to be “good cause.”  At the meeting’s opening on January 24, nominations may be offered from the floor.

Nominating Committee

This committee is designated by the Cathedral’s Constitution and Bylaws to present to the annual Parish meeting a list of nominees for Parish representatives. The committee also invites nominations for delegates to Diocesan Convention. The process involves careful vetting of all candidates and includes interviews with those standing for election to the Vestry. This year’s committee membership is: Lynne Markova, Chair; Carrie Davis, Julia Logan, Senior Warden; Peter McClung, Junior Warden; Michael Perera, John Selberg, and Dean Steve Thomason, ex officio. Questions? Contact:

Candidates for Vestry

Carmen Brady

I am a member of the Cathedral and Evensong choirs at St. Mark’s, and the parent of a teenager who has participated in St. Mark’s choirs and youth groups for several years.  I also have served on a previous Strategic Planning Committee.  My husband and I first attended St. Mark’s in 1993, and much has changed in our lives since then. We’ve lived in two other states, had a child, and I’ve gone from journalist to grad student to teacher to paralegal. Throughout that entire time--- even when we were not in Seattle--- we always considered St. Mark’s to be our spiritual home, mainly because of the wonderful community here. We’ve experienced firsthand how this church enriches and supports all, and I would be honored to become part of the group charged with moving our mission forward.

Chris Rigos

After completing Christian Initiation (CI) class at Saint Marks, I was confirmed at the 2007 Great Easter Vigil. I consider Saint Marks my spiritual home and would like to continue to give back to this wonderful community. I participate in parish life through my attendance at services, forums, and ministry. I have been an usher, reader, Welcome Table volunteer, coordinator of the AIDS Care Team, and Finance Committee lay member. I serve as a Radix Zoom co-facilitator and coordinate the Saint Martin de Porres meals ministry. I am studying in the Education for Ministry (EfM) program. I hope that I would bring to the Vestry my spiritual faith and a knowledge of our operations, history, and parish friends. I served as an attorney in public and private practice and a career in higher education as professor, dean, and vice president for planning.

Kathy Minsch

I am honored to be invited to run for the St Mark’s vestry.  A life-long Episcopalian, I’m a 14 year member of St Mark’s.  I early on became a lector, and intercessor.  I’ve represented St Mark’s at 4 Diocesan Conventions.  I chaired the labyrinth committee one year, served on the environmental justice committee and am active in the Creation Care Committee.  I’ve served on several nonprofit boards.  I will be retiring this spring from Seattle Public Utilities, where I’m an intergovernmental liaison and strategic advisor for regional watershed planning and recovery efforts.  I am inspired by the constant growth and evolution of St Mark’s, even into the virtual world. I’d be grateful for the opportunity to give back in a deeper and more sustained way and parlay my strategic planning, teamwork, grant writing and leadership skills into serving on the vestry.

Maris Olsen

My name is Maris Olsen, and I have been attending St. Mark’s for the past 4-5 years. I was drawn to this parish because of our strong commitment to social justice issues. I am primarily involved in working with several homeless ministries and immigration rights. While a member of St. Mark’s, I have worked with the Noel House community, St. Martin de Porres, and have been the team lead for UW Teen Feed for the past several years. I strongly believe that solving homelessness would solve a host of other societal issues. On a lighter note, I have enjoyed reading as a lector at the 9:00 service and look forward to resuming in 2021 . I am currently retired from my career as a program manager at Microsoft, and stay busy taking care of my grandchildren, sewing clothes, and gardening like a crazy person.

Olivier Santos

I had been in business and industry for 26 years; and another 9-plus in social services in a variety of leadership roles – many involving change management, and greater social responsibility. Away the office or church, I am usually traveling – seeing and learning about places and meeting people. I came to Saint Mark’s Cathedral formally in the fall of 2012. Not long after, I offered my talent as an usher and later, as the coordinator of the Newcomer Ministry; plus a few other tasks for a number of ministries since then. I was received at Saint Mark’s in 2015. My journey of faith brought me here; and more recently, I was talked into possibly running for a seat in the Vestry. I am a firm believer in the passage found in Matthew 22:14; therefore, if called, I think I am ready to help out however I am able to do so.

Russ Crosbie

Russ has been a lifelong Episcopalian, but started coming to services at St Mark’s in the fall of 2016.  He has served as a Eucharistic minister, and as a lay chaplain in community.  He has also assisted his wife Rachel as a leader for the 20s and 30s group, helping to establish and lead the 'Questioning Together' monthly gathering for dinner and conversation. Russ started his work life as a shop carpenter and worked in professional theater for much of his career, most recently as the Technical Director for the Seattle Opera. Russ is so grateful to the St Mark’s community for the space for prayer, reflection, healing, and spiritual fulfillment.  The people he has met and grown to know and love have made this place feel like home, and it is in this place and with these people he hopes to grow with his family.  It would be an honor to serve this community on the vestry. He thinks there is much for him to learn and offer in this ministry should he be invited to serve.

Scott Kovacs

I have been an active member of Saint Mark’s since arriving in Seattle in 2009, singing in the choirs (Cathedral Choir and Compline) in addition to assisting with the Schola and Evensong Choir when they were created. I have served on the Stewardship Committee, assisted with the Social Justice Ministry as the liaison for the Mental Health Chaplaincy when it was housed here, and helped lead several efforts withing the Living Stones Capital Campaign. I am currently serving a lifetime appointment as the Lay Chaplain to the Compline Choir. In my ministry outside the cathedra, l I work as an ad-hoc consultant for Chaplains on the Harbor, helping them develop and organize their ongoing growth and missional work serving our neighbors in Grays Harbor County. My professional life is varied, working as a professional musician, voice teacher, and non-profit executive specializing in arts management. I am currently the consultant for a number of small and mid-size arts organizations helping them navigate the pandemic as well as plan for the future. I am on a several boards and advisory boards, including for the Greater Seattle Choral Consortium, which I helped found. I live in Shoreline with a tiny cat-like velociraptor that likes to cuddle named Cosmo.

Wayne Duncan

I have enjoyed and grown from my involvement in several ministries since I started attending St. Mark’s regularly in 2017.  As a regular listener to Compline on KING-FM for many years, I already felt part of the larger St. Mark’s community.  When I started attending Sunday services regularly, I began experiencing the warmth of the community and the varied opportunities for worship, education, and involvement.  I was confirmed in the Episcopal Church at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Minneapolis when I was in graduate school at the University of Minnesota. At St. Mark’s my involvement has ranged from Education for Ministry—I’m now in Year 4—to the Visual Arts Ministry, helping install the Stations of the Cross, leading small groups with the Radix and the Racial Reconciliation programs, and co-leading a webinar last spring on coping with the stress of the pandemic.  I feel enriched and blessed by being part of the St. Mark’s community, and I would be honored to serve on the Vestry, helping to continue the great work that has already been done.  I believe my background on multiple church and community boards as well as dealing with the challenges of being a healthcare provider during a pandemic will be useful background for serving on the Vestry.  Exciting things are happening in our community, and I am eager to support our ongoing programs and to help support new ones that we feel called to start.  I am excited by the opportunities the St. Nicholas building renovation presents and hope to be an active contributor to that project.  More generally, I am excited to imagine and experience our post-pandemic life together.

Candidates for Diocesan Convention Delegate

Amanda Osenga

I am a cradle Episcopalian from Colorado. We started attending St. Mark’s about a year after moving to Washington. We’ve loved this community and getting involved as we can in these unusual times. I led a Radix group and am mom to Jonathan who is in Choir School and Sunday School. As a teen, I served as a youth delegate and volunteer to the General Convention in Denver in 2000. I also volunteered at several Colorado Diocesan conventions so I was thrilled to be asked to participate here in Washington. I look forward to representing St. Mark’s.

Jenny Donner

Since 2008, my husband Erik and I have called Saint Mark’s our spiritual home. We were married here in 2009, and since then, I have served in ministries that have included the Altar Guild, as Vestry secretary, as a member of a discernment committee, and an acolyte. I’m honored and excited to explore this aspect of our greater diocese as a delegate.

Marc Aubertin

I offer myself as a delegate to Diocesan Convention, not from any sense of my particular ability to contribute. Rather, I believe that every member of an Episcopal parish/cathedral community has an obligation to serve in this way, when the Holy Spirit moves a fellow member of the community to nominate you. I’ve been a member of the Cathedral Community for 5 years serving in various ministries: Cathedral and Evensong Chorister, Thurifer, Verger, finance committee, Cathedral Foundation and cook (Wednesday Commons Meal). I have been an active Episcopalian for 40 years, serving as a parish treasurer and delegate to Diocesan Convention in the Diocese of Massachusetts.


Nancy Cleminshaw

I joined Saint Mark’s in 1981 after moving from Ohio. Shortly thereafter, my husband died, I completed my degree from UW, and ran away, moving coast to coast and back. During the years, wherever I lived, I have served: Altar Guild, Choir, Lector, Acolyte, LEM, Vestry, Junior Warden, Search Committee, Diocesan delegate, CEEP delegate, Legacy Committee, Worship Leader. My return to Saint Mark’s in 2017 felt like I had come full circle: I was home. Here I am a Verger and member of the Garden Committee. Also, I am member of the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross. I would be honored to represent Saint Mark’s at Convention and look forward to meeting and exchanging ideas with other parishioners within the diocese.



Pam O’Sullivan

I have attended St. Mark’s since 1992, baptized there as an adult in 1993 at the Easter Vigil.  I have served as an usher, a verger for many years and, most recently, a greeter. I also served in St. Brigid’s Banquet’s Teen Feed ministry for several years.  I have had the opportunity to participate in many discerning and joyful events at the Cathedral, including marriage to Tim O’Sullivan in 2010.  I served as an alternate to the Diocesan Convention in 2019, then delegate to the virtual Convention in 2020, which voted on the resolutions of the Ethnic Ministries Circles of Color.  It was a powerful experience. I am honored to be considered for the alternate/delegate positions again for the 2021 and 2022 sessions, to represent this most “holy box,” my St. Mark’s home.

Timothy O’Sullivan

It is an honor to be considered for the position of convention delegate.  I was received into the Episcopal church in Massachusetts in 1996.  I was baptized and confirmed in New York as a child. Moving to Washington in 2004, I started worshiping at Saint Mark’s.  I have been a member of the healing rail and presently serve as a Chalice Bearer and a Lector at the 11AM service.  I have served as a delegate to convention for Saint Marks four times since I became a member of the parish.  I look forward to serving Saint Marks and the diocese as a delegate to the 2021 convention.

SACRED: Milestones of a Spiritual Life—Watch Party Sponsored by the 20s/30s Group

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SUNDAY, JANUARY 17, 5–7:15 P.M.

All ages are welcome to join the 20s/30s Group for a watch party viewing and discussion of SACRED via Zoom. How do others outside of our tradition, and our country, experience faith and spiritual practice? After the screening, we’ll discuss observations from the film. Watch the trailer below.

Join using this Zoom link.

If you wish, you can RSVP to the Facebook event here. Questions? Contact Courtney Wendel-Stevenson,

Read More

Prayers of Intention for our Nation in the Coming Days

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Dear friends,

Many of you have expressed concern for our nation facing the threat of recurring violence in the coming days, even as we long for a peaceful transition of leaders, which is one of the most defining and distinctive elements of our democracy. As citizens we have a voice to share in the public sphere, offering words of reason and justice, and as people of faith, we have a voice of prayer to share for the common good. Both are important, and I bid you strike the balance in your rhythms in the coming days. Resist the temptation to consume so much news and social media that you end up being consumed by their anxious energy. Ground yourself in prayer, too, and carve out times for quiet so that you might find a perspective that offers you some peace—a peace which can then be shared with others, and with our nation.To that end, I would like to highlight a few things in the coming days, and encourage you to consider how you might choose to engage these practices. They are by no means exhaustive, but they are meant to help.

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In-Person Prayer in the Nave for Inauguration Week

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At designated times on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday leading up the Inauguration of the new president the nave will be open for personal prayer. Time slots must be reserved in advance, and masks, distancing and screening procedures must be observed. Time slots are available during the following periods:

  • Monday, January 18, 12–2 p.m.
  • Tuesday, January 19, 4–6 p.m.
  • Wednesday, January 20, 11 a.m.–1 p.m.

Click here to make your reservation.

If you need assistance with making a reservation, please call Erik Donner in the cathedral office: 206.323.0300 x 217. Email or any of the clergy with any questions.

Creation Care All-Parish Survey

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The Creation Care Ministry team wants to hear from YOU! Everyone is the Saint Mark's community is invited to complete the brief survey below to help guide our programming in 2021.

There are just eight simple questions—it should take less than five minutes to complete.

The deadline to submit is February 14, 2021. Thank you!


“The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein.”  —Psalm 24:1

Saint Mark’s Cathedral has set a goal for its campus and households to achieve a net zero carbon footprint by 2030. The Creation Care Ministry supports this goal and strives to faithfully address the crisis of climate change. See our Creation Care webpage for more on this.

A “net zero carbon footprint” means we measure and reduce our carbon emissions and offset the remaining carbon footprint by contributing to carbon offset programs. We have chosen the national Episcopal Church’s carbon tracker ( because it offers a way to individually and collectively measure and reduce our emissions that come from five basic household areas where we have the most impact on climate change. These five areas—electricity, home heating, transportation, food, and waste—account for 40% of US global emissions.

We ask that you, a member of our Saint Mark’s family, complete this survey to guide us in our work to help our households achieve this goal.

Create your own user feedback survey

Introduction to Sunday’s Hymns: January 17, 20201

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On Thursday, January 14, Associate Organist John Stuntebeck introduced the hymns that will be sung at the 11 a.m. Sunday morning livestreamed liturgy on January 17, 2021, The Second Sunday after the Epiphany, from Saint Mark's Cathedral, Seattle. This introduction was presented live on Facebook.

The hymns discussed are:

  • "Will you come and follow me?" [see leaflet]
  • "How bright appears the Morning Star" [Hymn #496/497]
  • "Lift every voice and sing" [Hymn #599] a few words about John's upcoming recital on the Fritts organ in Thomsen Chapel, 7:30 p.m. on Friday, January 29.

Join us in the future on Thursdays at 4 p.m. for another live hymn chat! Just visit the cathedral's public Facebook page at the time of the broadcast—if you "follow" the cathedral on Facebook, you should receive a notification when we're live.

Introduction to Sunday’s Hymns: January 10, 2021

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After a holiday hiatus, on Thursday, January 7, Associate Organist John Stuntebeck introduced the hymns that will be sung at the 11 a.m. Sunday morning livestreamed liturgy on January 10, 2021—The First Sunday after the Epiphnay and the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord— from Saint Mark's Cathedral, Seattle. This introduction was presented live on Facebook.

The hymns discussed are:

  • "Arise, your Light has come" [see leaflet]
  • "Wade in the water" [LEVAS II p. 143]
  • "Christ when for us you were baptized" [Hymn #121] a few words about the tunes which form the basis of John's organ voluntaries this Sunday: Christ unser Herr zu Jordan kam [Hymn #139] and Schmüke dich [Hymn #339].

Join us in the future on Thursdays at 4 p.m. for another live hymn chat! Just visit the cathedral's public Facebook page at the time of the broadcast—if you "follow" the cathedral on Facebook, you should receive a notification when we're live.

The Feast of the Epiphany, 2021

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Wednesday, January 6, 6:30 p.m. • The Feast of the Epiphany

Service Leaflet

NOTE: Canon Ross's sermon begins at approximately 09:50 in the video below.

The Feast of the Epiphany • January 6, 2021 from Saint Mark's Cathedral Seattle on Vimeo.

Support the Mission and Ministry of Saint Mark's Cathedral

If you watch and enjoy our live-streamed or archived services, please consider making a donation in support of the mission and ministry of this cathedral.

You may also donate using the Venmo mobile app from your smartphone (search for @SaintMarksCathedralSeattle ) Thank you for your generosity.

Church Leaders Respond to Political Violence

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The shocking (if unsurprising) events of January 6 have occasioned countless responses from faith leaders in The Episcopal Church and beyond. A selection of those responses, including the messages from Dean Thomason and Bishop Rickel, are collected here for convenience.


Presiding Bishop Curry – Call to Prayer for the Nation

Presiding Bishop Curry – “Who Shall We Be?”

Bishop Budde and Dean Hollerith on Election Violence

Parish Annual Meeting and Elections, 2021

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Annual Parish Meeting to take different shape this year due to the pandemic

TWO SUNDAYS, JANUARY 24 & 31, 2021, via Zoom

Please note the changes made to this year’s Annual Parish Meeting which has been adapted given the cathedral’s closure and the need to conduct our business virtually. All sessions of the Annual Meeting will take place via Zoom.

See the candidates for Vestry and for Diocesan Convention Delegate here.

If you have any questions, please contact Dean Thomason or Erik Donner.

Overview (see more detailed agenda below)

SESSION 1: SUNDAY, JANUARY 24, 2021, 9:45-10:30 A.M. Join using this Zoom link.
Call to Order, Election Rules (adapted), Report of the Nominating Committee, Nominations from the Floor, then Recess until January 31 at 9:30 a.m.

At the regular coffee hour following the 11 a.m. service in January 24, candidates for Vestry will be present for an information meet-and-greet.

SESSION 2: SUNDAY, JANUARY 31, 2021, 9:45-10:30 A.M. Join using this Zoom link.
Call to Order, Elections, Reports, then Recess for Worship via Livestream

Dean Thomason's sermon during the service on January 31 will serve as the Dean's Report to the Parish.

SESSION 3: SUNDAY, JANUARY 31, 2021, 11:45-12:30 p.m. Join using this Zoom link.
Awards and Recognitions by Dean Thomason, Closing Prayer, Adjourn

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Virtual Coffee Hour, Every Sunday via Zoom

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On Sundays immediately following the morning worship service, let's join together for a Virtual Coffee Hour via Zoom. Take some time to connect, catch up, reflect, and just see each other's faces! Thanks to Peter McClung for hosting this much-needed opportunity. All are welcome! Here is the link:

Saint Mark's Virtual Coffee Hour

Meeting ID: 228 280 2687
Password: 290578

On the first Sunday of each month, Coffee Hour also includes the pronouncing of a special blessing for all those celebrating a birthday or anniversary in the coming month! 

Monthly Newcomers' Coffee with Clergy

On the first Sunday of each month, a special virtual coffee hour is offered for those who have recently started experiencing Saint Mark's liturgies (wherever you may be located), those who are new to Saint Mark’s, or anyone who has questions about the cathedral community. Learn more on the newcomers page. Join the newcomers' coffee using this Zoom link.

Pilgrimage into Celtic Spirituality: A Presentation Led by Dean Thomason

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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, 7-8 P.M., via Zoom

Join Dean Thomason and others for an evening of reflecting on our Celtic heritage, and the ways Celtic spirituality innervates our communal life and worship even still. The pilgrimage to Iona and the Celtic missions of northern England and Scotland has been postponed till summer 2022, but pilgrimage involves prayer and preparation, and an openness to be changed by the experiences that unfold near and far from the place we call home. All are welcome. Join using this Zoom link.

The Radix Project 4: Winter 2021

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GROUPS MEET: STARTING THE WEEK OF JANUARY 31. Sign up using this link. 

In January of 2020 the cathedral launched The Radix Project: Small Groups/Deep Roots. More than 150 people in 18 small groups met weekly for six weeks to share their stories, reflect on Holy Scripture and sacred art, and pray for one another with intention. This offering lent itself perfectly to the transition to an online-only offering when the pandemic happened, and two further series were offered with groups meeting virtually in the Spring and the Fall of 2020. The next iteration begins in late January 2021. This season you are invited to a fourth series, centered around the scripture narratives heard each year at the Easter Vigil liturgy. New groups are formed for each series, and you are encouraged to sign up whether or not you have participated in the past.

More information is available on the Radix Project webpage, where material from previous iterations of the Radix Project are now posted, and where materials for the upcoming series will be posted as they become available.


What is God Up To in All “This”?

SUNDAY, JANUARY 24, 2020, 7 P.M. (note evening time!), via Zoom

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The Doctrine of Discovery: The Episcopal Church, Indigenous Peoples, and the Necessity of Decolonizing Christianity

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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27, 7–8:30 P.M., via Zoom

A Presentation and Discussion with The Rev. Rachel Taber-Hamilton

The Rev. Rachel Taber-Hamilton

Saint Mark’s welcomes The Rev. Rachel Taber-Hamilton, who is Shackan First Nation, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Everett, and Coordinator of Ethnic Ministries Circles of Color. The Doctrine of Discovery historically informed the legal premise for justifying the forces of colonialism, including the enslavement of African and Asian peoples as well as the oppression and genocide of indigenous peoples. Rev. Taber-Hamilton will share the historical development of the Doctrine of Discovery, the historical role of the Church, and real-world contemporary examples of its continuing impact. The Doctrine of Discovery remains embedded in the legal policies of the U.S. and colonized nations throughout the world, policies that maintain the theological, political, and legal justification for continued neo-colonialism, including the seizure of land, genocide, oppression, and racism. The Episcopal Church National Convention in 2009 formally renounced the doctrine and urged dioceses’ reflection and action. Come learn how allies can help deconstruct the effects of the Doctrine of Discovery as a social force in our Church, in our nation, and in our world.

Register to attend here.

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Illuminated Examen: A Virtual Retreat for Spirited Women

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SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 12:45–3 p.m.

Illuminated Examen: A Virtual Retreat for Spirited Women

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the Spirited Women are having another (virtual) gathering—Sunday, February 7 from 12:45 p.m. to 3 p.m. (virtually). The focus is the spiritual practice of the Examen, a way of prayerful reflection from the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits. We will be led by Lorelei Amato, cathedral clergy, and others in exploring a contemplative way of doing Examen by “illuminating” our written reflections through art.  Art skills are not required—you will be provided a template for ideas/designs. Registration and a fee of $11 are required, to cover a packet of materials that will be mailed to you before the event. Register by January 20 using this registration link. Contact Mary Segall ( or Canon Nancy Ross  ( with any questions or to receive a scholarship.

Announcing the Cathedral’s Theologian-in-Residence for 2021

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UPDATE: Rev. Brownridge's first sermon for Saint Mark's will be offered during the 11 a.m. liturgy on Sunday, January 17


Dear friends,

It is my delight to share the news that The Rev. Canon Walter B.A. Brownridge will serve as Saint Mark’s Theologian-in-Residence during 2021. In this role, which is grant-funded and was delayed several months due to the pandemic, Canon Brownridge will bring his manifold gifts and considerable experience as he engages the cathedral community at periodic intervals as theologian, priest, preacher, teacher, and ministry consultant. We look forward to his presence among us, which will be virtual until pandemic restrictions allow for him to travel to Seattle safely.

Canon Brownridge writes:

“I am looking forward to taking a journey with you in 2021. As followers of Jesus Christ we are invited to participate in God’s mission of bringing a reversal in our society which reflects the Dream of God. It is my hope that I can in some small way assist in discerning how God is calling, and equipping, Saint Mark’s Cathedral to become more like God’s Beloved Community.”

Canon Brownridge was recently called by the Bishop of Vermont to serve as Canon to the Ordinary and Canon for Cultural Transformation for that diocese. He begins that role in the new year, transitioning from his current post as Associate at Christ Church, Grosse Pointe, Michigan. He formerly served as Associate Dean of the School of Theology in Sewanee, Tennessee, and I came to know him during his five years as Dean of St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Honolulu. Earlier in his ministry, he served as a Canon of St. George’s Cathedral in Cape Town, South Africa, as the nation transitioned from apartheid rule. Prior to ordination, he practiced law as a federal prosecutor and in the area of public policy development. Canon Brownridge is a contributor to the recently published book, Preaching Black Lives (Matter) (July 2020, Church Publishing). His essay/sermon is titled “On the Occasion of the 400th Anniversary of the Arrival of the First Enslaved Africans to British North America.”

Canon Brownridge is scheduled to preach on Sunday, January 17, 2021, and will lead a portion of the Vestry retreat in February. As the year unfolds, he will preach periodically, teach, consult with ministry leaders, staff and vestry, and serve as facilitator of theological reflections and consultant for curricular visioning with a special focus on the cathedral’s efforts to address systemic racism.

I look forward to Walter engaging our community at regular intervals in the course of next year, and I hope you will join me in welcoming him. I am,

Gratefully yours,


The Very Reverend Steven L. Thomason, Dean & Rector


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At the January 19, 2021 Vestry meeting the Vestry will consider and vote on an Amendment to Article I, Section 3 of the Bylaws of St. Mark’s Cathedral Parish, to add “(unless good cause prevented)” immediately after “during the previous year” in the first and the second sentences of Section 3. This change is prompted by the Cathedral’s closure due to pandemic, which has prevented parishioners from attending services in person, and to align more closely with the language in the Episcopal Church Canons and the Diocesan Canons.

As amended, Article I, Section 3 will read (the added language in underline):

In accordance with the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Olympia, “Parish Communicants” are those baptized persons who are faithful in corporate worship and who have received the Sacrament of Holy Communion at St. Mark’s at least three times during the previous year (unless good cause prevented). “Diocesan Communicants” are those baptized persons who are faithful in corporate worship and who have received the Sacrament of Holy Communion at least three times during the previous year (unless good cause prevented) in a parish or mission of the Diocese other than St. Mark’s. “Parish Communicants in Good Standing” are those Parish Communicants age sixteen years or older, who are recorded contributors to the Support of St. Mark’s with money or with personal service. “Diocesan Communicants in Good Standing” are those Diocesan Communicants age sixteen years or older, who are recorded contributors to the support of a parish or mission of the Diocese other than St. Mark’s with money or with personal service. Unless subsequently defined otherwise by Diocesan or Episcopal Church Canon, “Parish Electors” shall include all the Parish Communicants in Good Standing.

Any Comment may be emailed to or made during the January 19, 2021 Vestry meeting which starts at 6 p.m. To attend the Vestry meeting, please contact Erik Donner to obtain the Zoom link: or 206.323.0300 ×217.

Cathedral Jeopardy!

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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, 2021, 7 p.m. via Zoom

Facilitated by Dean Steve Thomason

In a nod to the late Alex Trebec, Dean Thomason will host a fun evening of trivial pursuit “Jeopardy-style.” Categories include Cathedral History, Music and the Arts, Deans and Canons, Know your Staff, and Pot Pouri. Everyone can play along at home, but the Dean invites individuals to volunteer to be audible participants in teams. To volunteer, email Dean Thomason at All are welcome. Join using this Zoom link.

Please note: The Wisdom School presentation By Dean Thomason originally announced for Wednesday, January 13, will be offered at a later date, TBA.

A Video Introduction to the Organ Prelude on Christmas Eve

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Before the 11 p.m. Christmas Eve liturgy ("Midnight Mass"), starting at 10:30 p.m., Canon Kleinschmidt will offer an unusual and special organ prelude for an unusual and special Christmas. He will begin with variations on a French Noël by Louis-Claude Daquin (1694–1772), followed by "Dieu parmi nous"—"God among us," from the monumental suite La Nativité du Seigneur by the twentieth-century composer, organist, and man of faith Olivier Messiaen.

Canon Kleinschmidt has recorded a brief video introduction to the latter piece, pointing out some of its unique qualities and playing some illustrative passages. Check it out below:

The Hallock Institute presents: The Compline Psalter

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The Hallock Institute is a non-profit founded after the death of former Saint Mark's Cathedral Organist and Choirmaster Peter R. Hallock, with the mission of preserving and promoting Hallock's legacy as a composer and a liturgical innovator.

Just in time for Christmas, the Institute is proud to present its first publication: a complete edition of The Compline Psalter, containing newly-edited versions of the over 50 psalm settings written especially to be sung during the Office of Compline at Saint Mark's by the Compline Choir, in his unique, inimitable style. This publication is the product of over five years of work. Learn more about the Psalter and the Institute—and purchase a copy for yourself or your loved ones!—here.

Click on the images below to enlarge.

Christmastide Evensong

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SUNDAY, JANUARY 3, 4:30 P.M., via livestream

Download the service leaflet here.

Saint Mark's Cathedral invites one and all to worship the Christ child with prayers and praises sung safely at home at sundown on the tenth day of Christmas.

In addition to leading hymns with the organ's support, soloists will offer Gregorian settings of portions of the service. The Magnificat and anthem will be drawn from archived recordings of livestreamed liturgies sung by the full Evensong Choir. The setting of the Magnificat will be from The Emerald City Service composed by countertenor Tyler Morse, a member of the Evensong Choir and The Compline Choir.

2020 Advent/Christmas Schedule of Events

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The schedule of special liturgies, events, and offerings, from The First Sunday of Advent on November 29, to the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord on January 10, is now available.

Highlights include the return of Mirabai Starr on December 5, another Hymn Sing with Canon Kleinschmidt and Dean Thomason in Decemeber 13, a reimagined New Year's Eve Labyrinth walk, and much more.

View the complete schedule here. 

Introduction to Sunday’s Hymns: December 20, 2020

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On Thursday, December 17, Canon Michael Kleinschmidt introduced the hymns to be sung at the morning and afternoon liturgies this coming Sunday, December 20, 2020, the Fourth Sunday of Advent. This introduction was presented live on Facebook.

The hymns discussed are:

  • Tell out, my soul, the greatness of the Lord [Hymn #437]
  • The angel Gabriel from heaven came [Hymn #265]
  • O come, O come, Emmanuel [Hymn #56] a few words about this Sunday's organ voluntaries, the upcoming Pageant of the Nativity Reprise, and the liturgies from Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Note that there will be no Hymn Preview for the next two week. The next installment will be streamed live on Thursday, January 7!

Join us in the future on Thursdays at 4 p.m. for another live hymn chat! Just visit the cathedral's public Facebook page at the time of the broadcast—if you "follow" the cathedral on Facebook, you should receive a notification when we're live.

The Third Sunday of Advent, 2020

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Sunday December 13, 11:00 a.m. The Second Sunday of Advent

Service Leaflet

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