Thursday Morning Chapel Eucharist

Thomsen Chapel

1st, 3rd, & 5th THURSDAYS OF THE MONTH: THE HOLY EUCHARIST, IN-PERSON IN THOMSEN CHAPEL 2nd/4th THURSDAYS OF THE MONTH: MORNING PRAYERS, online via Zoom — NOTE: NEW ZOOM LINK BEGINNING MAY 2024! Note: 7 a.m. Eucharist WILL be offered in Thursday, July 4. At 7 a.m. on Thursdays, an in-person service of holy Eucharist OR an online prayer service is offered. Fellowship and a community breakfast follow the service. On Thursdays when an online-only prayer service is offered via Zoom, join using this NEW … Read More

Event Series Morning Prayer Online

Morning Prayer Online

Online via Zoom

Daily Morning Prayer MONDAY–FRIDAY, 7:30–8 A.M., via Zoom Come just as you are to Morning Prayer on weekday mornings, on Zoom, following the form of the Book of Common Prayer 1979. All are welcome, whether you're still in your pj's, joining from your workplace, or listening on the move. No former experience with the Daily Office is necessary. PLEASE NOTE: Beginning in April 2024, weekday Morning Prayer will use the SAME LINK as weekday Evening Prayer: join using this link.

Event Series Evening Prayer Online

Evening Prayer Online

Online via Zoom

MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY, 6 P.M. Lay readers from Seattle-area congregations including the cathedral lead a spoken service of daily prayer following the form of the Book of Common Prayer 1979, every weekday evening at 6 p.m. The service lasts approximately 30 minutes. Learn more here. Join online using this Zoom link.

Mideast Focus Film Series Screening & Discussion

Online via Zoom

SCREENING & DISCUSSION: THURSDAY, MAY 16, 7 P.M., online  The fifth and final film in this year’s series is Israelism, a 2023 American documentary about the portrayal of the Israel/Palestine conflict in American Jewish institutions. It is critical of both Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and of the American Jewish community’s education about the occupation of Palestine. This film interviews academics and political activists as it follows two American Jews as they discover what is going on in the conflict and come to … Read More

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