Second Sunday Book Group: “The River that Made Seattle: A Human and Natural History of the Duwamish”

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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1:30 P.M. via Zoom (note the Saturday, not Sunday time)

In this short, meticulously researched book, B.J. Cummings recounts the story of the Duwamish River: beginning with the diverse 1000s-year-old Indigenous populations who lived along the river that sustained them to the arrival of the first White settlers and then to the diverse newly arrived immigrants that today have settled near or along this river in South Park.

It’s a story about social and environmental justice (or the lack thereof), business interests, and politics. As Cummings writes, “The choices we have made about how we use our rivers reflect the values of the governing bodies of our cities . . . at the moments when those choices were made.”

Walter Brueggemann’s Sabbath as Resistance

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During this "wilderness time" for the cathedral, Dean Thomason is encouraging everyone to read The Sabbath as Resistance: Saying NO to the Culture of Now. In this book, the great modern prophet and theologian Walter Brueggemann offers a delightfully provocative critique on the ways modern culture seduces us into anxiety, exclusivism, and multitasking as ways to subvert the life-giving ways we were created to enjoy. Drawing on ancient wisdom of keeping sabbath, but making it relevant to us in modernity, he offers an invitation to another way—a way needed in these difficult times as much as ever

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You are encouraged to support independent local businesses by purchasing the book online from our Capitol Hill neighbors Elliot Bay Book Co. Purchasing from Amazon is also an option!