Friends Talking: Life in Palestine in This Time of War

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Dean Thomason and Palestinian Priest Fr. Fadi Diab in Conversation

SUNDAY, DECEMBER  10, 10:10 A.M.–10:50 A.M., Bloedel Hall and on Zoom

Fr. Fadi Diab serves as rector of St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Ramallah in the West Bank. He and Dean Thomason have forged a friendship since Fr. Fadi preached at Saint Mark’s last July, and their email exchanges of prayerful support and mutual affection have deepened since October 7 and the start of the war in Gaza.

Fallout from the war and ongoing hardship for Palestinians in the West Bank have only intensified, and Fr. Fadi reports that violence and suffering in his church community and in the city he loves is heart-breaking.

At this special Sunday forum Fr. Fadi will join Dean Steve from Ramallah over Zoom to discuss the current situation on the ground, how the war is impacting our Christian siblings in the Holy Land, and how the prospect of peace can still be held in the face of such challenges.

UPDATE: A complete video is now available below:

More information about Rev. Diab and a video of his conversation with Dean Thomason from July of this year can be found here.

Saint Mark’s recently announced a $5,000 grant from the Diocese of Olympia’s Global Mission Program to support the Arab Evangelical Episcopal Home and School in Ramallah, which is administered by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and linked to St. Andrew's parish, following a request from Rev. Diab during his visit.

Climate Conversations

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SECOND THURSDAYS, 6:30–7:30 P.M., online via Zoom

Looking for practical ways to reduce your impact on the environment? Saint Mark’s Creation Care Ministry is hosting Climate Conversations about everyday things in our lives. These monthly conversations will be held on environmentally-friendly Zoom on the second Thursday evening of each month.

Register to participate using this link (same Zoom link each month).

Scroll down on this page to find materials, slides, and videos of past conversations in this series. 


  • MARCH 7 14, 2024: Spring Cleaning
    Note change of date! This conversation will occur on the first Thursday of March, rather than the second.

Spring cleaning is a ritual for many, whenever it happens. Along with cleaning, the ritual often includes sorting and disposing of unused or unwanted items. Simple as these activities may seem, practices that are less eco-friendly and replacing items that are given away may harm the planet. We’ll discuss the rituals of spring cleaning, how to clean more effectively, what to do with items that are no longer needed, and how to avoid having disposal of one item lead to purchases of more. We’ll also provide tips on how to make that cleaning enjoyable and reduce your stress.

  • APRIL 11, 2024: Plant Trees for Cleaner, Healthier, Cooler Air

Trees provide a multitude of benefits, including reducing climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide, protecting against floods, providing shade that cools urban areas and gardens as well as fields or streams, and enhancing neighborhood ambience. Whether you plant a single tree or help communities plant trees, your efforts can help to care for creation. We’ll discuss why and how to plant trees, what species to select for a warmer future, ways to get free or low-cost trees, and how to participate in local or city tree-planting initiatives.

  • MAY 9, 2024: Farms for a Sustainable Future and How to Support Farmers

Farms across the state produce food for those of us who live here as well as for the nation and the world. Farmers are changing their practices to be more eco-friendly, which can save time, money, resources and the environment. We’ll compare traditional practices with modern ones, look at innovative solutions farmers use now to farm better, and consider the benefits of organic farming. Along with learning about agriculture, you can also learn how you can support farmers better through what you purchase, where or how you purchase it, and how or whether you engage with farmers.

  • JUNE 13, 2024: Solar, Wind, and Geothermal Energy, and How to Tap Renewable Energy

While solar panels on roofs get the most attention for renewable energy, there are plenty of other options for producing energy too. Wind and geothermal as well as other sources of energy are being used to provide the quickly increasing amounts of electricity we need to power everything from lights and ovens to EVs and phones. We’ll look at the variety of sources of renewable energy and how you can use it. We’ll also discuss how to ensure a reliable power supply with storage, microgrids and other innovative solutions.


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