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Cathedral Conversations

Cathedral Conversations

Cathedral Conversations About Race

Saint Mark’s is excited to present Cathedral Conversations About Race, a new podcast series from Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle. In this series, hosts Cara Peterson and Michael Perera speak with the BIPOC members of the cathedral about their respective faith journeys, and their experiences of being a BIPOC person in our community. Periodically, Cara and Michael will interview the clergy of the cathedral, to get their reactions on the stories they've heard, and what this means for the cathedral's work of anti-racism. Learn more here.

About the podcast

Saint Mark’s presents Cathedral Conversations, an ongoing podcast series featuring interviews from our own church community. In each episode, Michael Perera hosts a conversation with a member of our congregation to talk about their service at Saint Mark’s, and how and why the cathedral has become their spiritual home. Episode 1 features a revealing conversation with Dean Steve Thomason. You can listen to episodes from this page, or through iTunes, Spotify, or Google podcasts. Contact Greg Bloch with questions. Happy listening!