Would you like to share an event, opportunity, or announcement in Saint Mark's weekly newsletter? Please use the Communications Request Form at this link or below.

(NOTE: This is not the same as reserving a space for your meeting or event, which must be done separately, by contacting Scheduler Stephen Eddy at

The newsletter is emailed 8 a.m. on Friday mornings. The items in the email are then adapted for the printed newsletter included in the Sunday morning bulletin, on a space-available basis.

Using the Communications Request Form (1) helps ensure that all necessary information is included, (2) reduces the chance of mistakes, and (3) guarantees that the information is send to the appropriate people. You can submit photos by emailing them directly to the Communications Director (make a note in the "Special Instructions" box). Please do not submit fliers.

Prayer requests may be sent to

Please Note:

  • Deadline for submission of announcements: end of the day Tuesday (before the Friday in question).
  • Inclusion in the email or print newsletter is not guaranteed, and always at the discretion of the Dean and Director of Communications.
  • All submissions may be edited for length and clarity.
  • Priority is given to events and activities happening in the next two weeks and connected to a Saint Mark's ministry.
  • Saint Mark's Communications Guide (PDF) is now somewhat out-of-date, but includes helpful guidelines for language, style, and branding.


Fill out my online form.
There are so many things happening on campus that we have developed some criteria for allotting space in publication and on the website. The general order of priority is as follows:
  • Events happening on campus and directly connected to a ministry of Saint Mark’s.
  • Events happening off campus, but directly connected to/affiliated with a ministry of Saint Mark’s.
  • Events happening on campus, but not directly connected to a ministry of Saint Mark’s
  • Events happening off campus, not directly connected to a ministry of Saint Mark’s but of interest to or in support of established ministries at the Cathedral