From its earliest days, it has been part of the core mission of Saint Mark's Cathedral to make the many and various spaces on the cathedral's property available for use by groups and individuals, for the benefit of the entire community of Seattle.

These spaces include the cathedral nave itself, which can accommodate hundreds, to the Bloedel Hall event space, to smaller conference and meeting rooms, to outdoor events.

These spaces been made available for concerts, performances, dinners, and galas, and as a location for film and music videos, recording sessions, community group meetings, classes, and more.

To inquire about the possibility of renting a cathedral space for your event, please email Scheduler Stephen Eddy at

Use of the cathedral spaces is subject to strict conditions and limitations, and the content of the event (for example, song lyrics or movie scripts) will be evaluated before permission is given. The cathedral reserves the reject any request for any reason, including availability and appropriateness.

The cathedral facilities calendar and reservation form are no longer available. Please contact Stephen Eddy directly with all inquiries instead. (The Events Calendar, which lists events to which the public is invited, including online-only events and events occurring elsewhere, can be found here.)