Saint Mark’s is blessed to have a community filled with many skills, talents and interests. As volunteers and lay ministers, we are central to the mission of the church and the Saint Mark’s community. Any time one puts a skill, talent or interest in the service of God, they are exercising a spiritual gift. As members of the Body of Christ, each individual has their own unique spiritual gifts, and each a something they can bring to the table. As we seek and discover our gifts, and minister to our brothers and sisters in Christ, we receive God’s grace and love. The sharing of these gifts enables us, as one body, to minister to ourselves, our community and our world. You are needed, wanted and gifted to give of your time and talent.

Please note that much of the information on this page and in the Ministry Directory PDF was last updated while the cathedral building was still closed, and may no longer be accurate. A new version is currently in the works. Until then, contact the ministry leaders for the most updated information.

Recently the vestry has been discussing ways to engage in ministry at Saint Mark’s even when you can’t make it to campus. Click here to learn more.

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Acolytes carry the cross, torches, and banners in processions, as well as assisting in worship in other ways. Open to children and adults
Michael Seewer,

Altar Guild

Altar guild members help prepare the community’s Eucharistic meal by setting up bread, wine, vessels, linens and the altar table, assisting the presiding team during the service and caring for the vessels and linens following the service.
Michael Seewer,

Bread Baker Guild

A community of people gathers once a month to bake the bread for all of our Eucharistic services. Open to all ages.
René Marceau,

Chalice Bearers

Chalice bearers are licensed ministers who offer the hospitality of God’s Table as they serve the wine during communion. Chalice bearers serve at 8, 9 & 11 a.m. Open to those 16 years or older.
Michael Seewer,

Eucharistic Visitors

Consecrated bread and wine are entrusted to lay Eucharistic visitors to be shared with sick or shut-in members of the community. If you would like Holy Communion brought to you, please call the cathedral at 206.323.0300. To accompany a Eucharistic Visitor on a visit, or if you’d like to learn more about this licensed ministry, please contact:
Kevin Johnson,

Flower Ministry

Flowers give beauty, hope and solace and enhance the fabric of the church. Member of the Flower Ministry create the nave and chapel arrangements, and in doing so, give back a gift of beauty to the One who created us. The dedicated volunteers possess a wide range of abilities and experiences, and work in teams to support and learn from each other.
Beatrix Hamm,

Lectors & Intercessors

Lectors proclaim God’s word at our various liturgies by reading lessons from scripture and lead the assembly’s prayers and intercessions at Sunday morning and other services. Open to adults as well as to teenagers and younger children by special arrangement.
Michael Seewer,

Oblation Bearers

At the 9 a.m. Sunday morning Eucharist, a family assists the ushers by bringing forward the gifts of bread and wine that we offer to God at the Offertory. Even very young children can help with this important liturgical role.
Michael Seewer,

Sunday Evening Sacristans

Sunday evening sacristans, as trained chalice bearers,  support the 7 pm contemplative Eucharist service by setting up, hosting and serving during the liturgy, and cleaning up afterwards.
Michael Seewer,



Vergers are ministers who escort the choir and liturgical participants in processions of all kinds, from guiding a lector to the ambo, to leading the entire congregation on Palm Sunday, and everything in between. They are also ministers of hospitality, identifying people in the congregation who need special assistance.
Michael Seewer,



Ushers are indispensable at cathedral liturgies, having the most direct contact with worshipers than any other ministry. They serve many roles during Sunday and Special services, ensuring liturgies run smoothly, while seeing to the comfort and safety of all members of the assembly.
Michael Seewer,


We are here to say “hello!” and “welcome!” to newcomers, long-timers and all who come through our doors on Sunday mornings, before and after services. Teams serve once a month at one Sunday morning service.
John Selberg,

Compline Hospitality Ministers

For many, Compline is first time they have entered the doors of Saint Mark’s, and the Compline Hospitality Ministers are first representatives of the cathedral they will encounter. They play a crucial role in making the experience welcoming and comfortable for all.
Michael Seewer,

Justice Ministries Coordinating Team

The JMCT encourages and supports the people of Saint Mark’s and their community allies as they answer God’s call for justice in the world. This team works in partnership with all the volunteer Justice Ministries of the cathedral to set standards of performance and provide assistance, oversight and coordination.
Justin Mills,

Creation Care

The Creation Care Ministry at Saint Mark’s Cathedral strives to faithfully address the crisis of climate change. As stewards of the life-giving goodness of God’s creation, we will work with the Saint Mark’s and broader world communities to educate ourselves and take action together to preserve our shared planet and sustain life for the generations to come. Read more on the Creation Care Ministry page.
Marjorie Ringness,

Habitat for Humanity

Saint Mark’s volunteers have been working with the local Seattle/King County affiliate of Habitat for Humanity and participating in national and international building projects for over 25 years. Recently the Saint Mark’s Habitat crew has also been assisting in projects on the cathedral grounds.
Jacquelyn Miller,
Gordon Miller,

Homeless Advocacy Ministry

The Homeless Advocacy Ministry’s mission is to engage with the congregation of Saint Mark’s, seeking to educate the community about the ongoing crisis of homelessness in our city, and about the issues surrounding homelessness in general. We seek to support programs, such as the Threshold Fund move-in assistance program, that have a direct impact on the lives of homeless adults, children and families. We host Tent City 3 on the cathedral property when possible. Learn more at the Homeless Advocacy page.
Dean Steve Thomason,

Hunger Offering

On the second Sunday of every month, the cathedral collects a special offering to support several food programs in the Seattle area. This ministry is currently helping the following hunger programs: Ballard Food Bank, Lifelong AIDS Alliance, Pike Market Food Bank, Immanuel Community Services, Food Bank @ St. Mary’s and St. Brigid’s Banquet.
Vicky Greenbaum,

Jubilee Debt Cancellation

Saint Mark’s is a Jubilee congregation that advocates for right relationships of all peoples at all levels of environmental, economic and social justice issues. Saint Marks prays for those who suffer from injustice in these areas; we contribute $1 per pledging household per year (with the option of declining to participate); we advocate for the disadvantaged when financial institutions, governmental agencies or elected officials are making decisions that could negatively affect them.
Christopher Breunig,

Lowell Elementary Volunteers

Lowell School, right in the Saint Mark’s neighborhood, has a very diverse student population, including children who are homeless and those with special needs. A positive presence—whether in the classroom, lunchroom, playground, in the office, at the buses or on a field trip—can really brighten the day for a student as well as build community. Come join us! If you’re interested in volunteering, you can learn more and sign up directly with Lowell School at To check in with others who volunteer at Lowell, and to be on the Saint Mark’s mailing list of Lowell-interested parishioners, contact:
Dean Steve Thomason,

Mideast Focus

The Mideast Focus Ministry works through mission, prayer, education, and action to bring understanding and to promote advocacy for justice and peace in the Middle East region, both within the Saint Mark’s congregation and to the greater Seattle community. The group presents the Mideast Focus Ministry Film Series each spring.
Doug Thorpe and Steve Moen

Racial Justice

Ministries around anti-racism and racial justice are continually evolving at Saint Mark’s to address the critical and pervasive problems of racism and racial injustice in our nation, our community, our church and in our individual lives. Together, we confront these issues through education, personal accountability, prayer, and action. For more information, see the Racial Justice page, or contact:
The Rev. Canon Jennifer King Daugherty,

Sanctuary Ministry

Working with the Church Council of Greater Seattle and Casa Latina, Sanctuary at Saint Mark’s volunteers are trained for standing up beside immigrant communities facing threat and oppression and building solidarity with our neighbors through relationship, sharing and action.
The Rev. Emily Austin,

Meal Sharing Ministry

Saint Brigid’s Banquet is committed to providing hot, nutritious meals and hospitality to those in Seattle who are homeless/hungry. Our volunteers cook and serve meals monthly for men aged 50+ who are currently living at St. Martin de Porres shelter, and bi-monthly for teens and young adults served by Teen Feed in the U District. Please consider joining this heart-warming and fun ministry! We welcome all adult volunteers. For times and locations, please contact...
St. Martin de Porres: Chris Rigos,
Teen Feed: Maris Olsen,


Episcopal Relief & Development

ERD is our denomination’s organization that responds to human suffering around the world. We provide emergency assistance after disasters, rebuild communities, and help children and families climb out of poverty. More information can be found at

Faith Action Network

Saint Mark’s Cathedral is a FAN advocating faith community. FAN is a statewide interfaith advocacy organization through which thousands of people and over 100 faith communities across Washington State partner for the common good, believing that justice work is part of our religious calling. FAN communicates with elected officials about critical social issues and advocates for a more just and sustainable world.
Tom Sunderland,

Greenbelt Group

The Greenbelt slope to the south and west of the cathedral is an asset to the entire community that has been entrusted to the cathedral. Friends of Saint Mark’s Greenbelt is a unit of the Green Seattle Partnership, which helps maintain and restore the land by removing invasive plants, maintaining the trails and replanting with native vegetation. For information about bi-monthly work parties contact:
Joe Roza,

Mission to Seafarers

The Mission to Seafarers locally serves cargo and cruise ship sailors in the Port of Seattle. During cruise ship season, trained volunteers shuttle crew from Pier 91 to and from downtown Seattle so that they can shop for essentials and enjoy being off the ship for a short time. Throughout the year, trained Seafarer chaplains visit cargo ships to provide companionship and spiritual support as well as practical help. Occasionally, Seafarer Missioners conduct church services aboard ship, but always serve as chaplains to sailors of all faiths.
The Rev. Earl Grout,

Northwest Community Bail Fund

The current system of bail is among the most inequitable and unjust aspects of our justice system. Being unable to post bail prior to trial can leave people with a tough choice—either plead guilty to a crime that they may not have committed, or stay in jail for weeks or months. Either choice can impact their job, their shelter/housing and even custody of children. The Northwest Community Bail Fund began as a ministry of Saint Mark’s Cathedral, but is now an independent 501(c)3, part of the National Bail Fund Network. It provides cash bail for people who are charged with low-level crimes in King and Snohomish Counties and who are unable to pay due to poverty. This allows them to get out of jail during their trial period and defend themselves from a position of freedom. NCBF also collaborates with the Pre-Trial Justice Institute, the ACLU, and stakeholders in Washington State on bail reform to reduce/eliminate the use of bail.
The Rev. Canon Jennifer King Daugherty,


United Churches Emergency Fund (UCEF) is a coalition of local church congregations, individuals, and supporting organizations which provide compassionate listening, focused referrals, and financial assistance to prevent homelessness. Saint Mark’s is a member of the coalition and partners with UCEF to serve those outside their usual service area. A small grant from UCEF makes it possible for an individual or family to stave off an eviction or utility shut-off. It creates a window of hope for people to keep the roof they have long enough to make a difference
Brett Bowton-Meade,



Beekeeping Ministry

For several years, Saint Mark’s has kept hives of honey bees on the rooftop of the Cathedral House. Leaders have obtained apprentice certification from the Washington State Master Beekeepers Association, and are ready to educate any interested community members who wish to participate!
Rob Reid,

Cathedral Foundation of the Diocese of Olympia

The Cathedral Foundation of the Diocese of Olympia was established in September 1995 as an independent, tax-exempt organization, and became affiliated with the Bishop’s Office of the Diocese of Olympia in 2011. Its mission is to raise and manage capital and endowment funds to preserve and enhance the buildings and grounds of Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral. For more information about the Foundation, visit
Phil Haas,

Communications Team

The Communications Ministry Team oversees the cathedral’s website, social media presence, video recordings, podcast, print publications (including Sundays & Beyond and The Rubric) and overall visual identity and branding strategy. The committee is always seeking volunteers to help expand this important work.
Gregory Bloch,


The Counters meet weekly to verify the gifts from the offering plate and other donations to the cathedral. The group shares fellowship while providing an important service to the cathedral’s functioning.
Erik Donner,

Facilities Committee

Members of the Facilities Committee meet monthly to oversee the maintenance and repair of the buildings and grounds of the cathedral campus, including plumbing, electrical, heating, security and landscaping issues. The committee also formulates and monitors sanitary standards for food preparation in the Bloedel kitchen. The committee meets monthly.
Walter Stuteville,

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets monthly to review the financial statements, monitor the budget, review investments and receive the findings of the annual audit.

Garden Ministry

The garden volunteers meet to work on the second Saturday of the month 9 a.m.–noon, from February through November, planting, weeding, composting and making our campus beautiful. Prior gardening experience is not required, only enthusiasm! Bring a water bottle and gloves if you have them.
Norva Osborn,

Hospitality/Newcomers Ministry

The Newcomer’s Ministry helps newcomers get connected, hosts coffee hours and brunches, and follows up personally with visitors.
The Rev. Earl Grout,

Medical Equipment Resource Center

The health ministry is runs a resource center where medical equipment is now available to be checked out from Saint Mark’s, including wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and one deluxe knee brace. This year, equipment was sent via container to Syrian refugees in Jordan and victims of the explosion in Beirut, as well as to residents of Tent City 3. We also restock the first aid emergency boxes distributed around the campus of Saint Mark’s Cathedral (12 locations). If you have ideas or would like to help, or to borrow from or donate to the medical equipment library, please contact:
Mary Segall,

Office Volunteers

Office volunteers spend a few hours each week at the reception desk of the cathedral offices. They are often the first face that visitors to the cathedral see! Other responsibilities include answering the main phone line and directing calls, and other office tasks as needed.
Kathy Wickward,

Pride Ministry

Saint Mark’s Cathedral believes it is essential that as a parish, we support our Capitol Hill neighborhood and be present to the LGBTQ+ community.  Our Pride Ministry has a presence at the Annual Capitol Hill PrideFest with the message that we are a loving and inclusive faith community that does not limit or condition its welcome. We are a house of prayer WHERE ALL MEANS ALL.  If you would like to join our ministry, please contact either Robert Stevens or Deacon Earl Grout.   
The Rev. Earl Grout,
Robert G. Stevens,

Quilt Ministry

The Saint Mark’s Quilt Ministry continues to stitch handmade quilts at home, checking in with each other through email and messages.  This ministry makes quilts to wrap members of our community in love during times of transition, illness and special need, as well as bed-sized quilts for those in supportive housing.  We will be able to provide instruction for those learning quilting at a later date.  Currently we welcome experienced quilters who can work at home without guidance.
Jo Ann Bailey,
Carol Green,

Saint Mark’s Music Series

The Saint Mark’s Music Series is called to offer the musical riches of the cathedral to the wider community so that all can experience the unique acoustical environment, superb pipe organs, and talented musicians dedicated to making music in a sacred space. The 2020/21 season will include local artists from the Pacific Northwest offering free, livestreamed concerts available to all. Visit for the complete current schedule.
Madeleine Stephens,

Seattle Service Corps

The young adults of the Seattle Service Corps spend a year exploring their faith through service and discerning their call in a supportive community. Members live in intentional Christian community in Leffler House on the Saint Mark’s campus, each serving 32 hours per week at a local church or nonprofit, and participating in the worship and communal life of the cathedral. This experience encourages personal growth, inspires spiritual transformation and provides the means to discern vocational call, all while learning a new way to live out the revolutionary faith we are called to in Jesus Christ.
Canon Wendy Claire Barrie,

Second Sunday Book Group

Saint Mark’s book group meets the second Sunday of odd-numbered months. Books to be discussed are chosen by the participants. All are welcome to participate
Pearl McElheran,

Stewardship Ministry

The members of the Stewardship Ministry see their work not as simply fundraising, but as a type of faith formation—inviting each of us to develop a sacramental relationship with money. This work begins by looking inwards to see and celebrate God’s abundance in our own lives and our Saint Mark’s community. To that end we organize events and communication around the theme of gratitude, both during and outside of “Stewardship season” in the fall.
Lynne Markova,


The Vestry aids and supports the Rector in promoting the spiritual welfare and the growth of the parish, while fulfilling its duty to supervise and sustain the finances, facilities and grounds of the cathedral. Behind this statement is the opportunity for service, spiritual growth and ministry. Members are elected to 3-year terms, attend monthly meetings, committee meetings, and cathedral events.
Emily Meeks, Senior Warden,
The Very Rev. Steven L. Thomason,

Visual Arts Ministry

Interested in expanding the presence of art in the Saint Mark’s community? The Visual Arts Ministry seeks to create ongoing opportunities for members of our larger community to engage with visual art as a medium to explore our diverse relationships both to the divine and to one another. Recent exhibits have included Virginia Maksymowicz’s stunning Stations of the Cross, the landmark exhibition of work by 31 female artists from the Middle East titled I AM, and several shows in the intimate Hallway Gallery in Cathedral House. Learn more at If you would like to join the conversation, please email:
The Rev. Canon Jennifer King Daugherty,

Ministry of Worsted Wool

The Ministry of Worsted Wool is a ministry of faith enrichment by your knitting and crocheting talents to contribute to our parish and the wider community. Our major needlecraft emphasis is on making baby blankets for Country Doctor Community Clinic. We meet once or twice a year for a brown bag lunch while our needles and crochet hooks continue to work our yarn. All levels of skill are welcome!
Barbara Erickson,

20s & 30s Group

Are you looking for community with other young adults at Saint Mark’s? The 20s/30s group gathers regularly to enjoy one another’s company and to explore scripture, spiritual beliefs, and those big questions that we have. All are welcome! For more information, contact:
The Rev. Canon Jennifer King Daugherty,