“Christian worship is never a solitary undertaking. Both on its visible and invisible sides, it has a thoroughly social and organic character. The worshipper, however lonely in appearance, comes before God as a member of a great family; part of the Communion of Saints, living and dead. His own small effort of adoration is offered “in and for all.” —Evelyn Underhill

Every member of the assembly gathered for worship is a minister of the liturgy. Each Sunday, some people are assigned to particular roles within the context of our worship. We welcome your exploration of any ministries listed here.


Acolytes carry the cross, torches, and banners in processions, as well as assisting in worship in other ways. Open to children and adults.
CONTACT: Michael Seewer


Altar guild members help prepare the community’s Eucharistic meal by setting up bread, wine, vessels, linens, and the altar table, assisting the presiding team during the service and caring for the vessels and linens following the service. Altar Guild members serve at the 8, 9 & 11 a.m. services.
CONTACT: Walter Stuteville


A community of people that gather once a month to bake the bread for all of our Eucharistic services. Open to all ages.
CONTACT: René Marceau


Chalice bearers are licensed ministers who offer the hospitality of God’s Table as they serve the wine during communion. Chalice bearers serve at 8, 9 & 11 a.m. Open to those 16 years or older.
CONTACT: Michael Seewer


For many, Compline is first time they have entered the doors of Saint Mark’s, and the Compline Greeters are first representatives of the cathedral they will encounter. They play a crucial role in making the experience welcoming and comfortable for all
CONTACT: Ray Miller


Consecrated bread and wine are entrusted to lay Eucharistic visitors to be shared with sick or shut-in members of the community. Let us know if you would like Communion brought to you by leaving a message at 206.755.2076. To accompany a Eucharistic Visitor on a visit, or if you’d like to learn more about this licensed ministry, please contact Kevin. Learn more about Eucharistic Visitors here.
CONTACT: Kevin Johnson


Flowers give beauty, hope and solace and enhance the fabric of the church. Member of the Flower Ministry create the nave and chapel arrangements and in doing so give back of beauty to the One who created us. We possess a wide range of abilities and experiences and work in teams to support and learn from each other. Learn more here.
CONTACT: Beatrix Hamm


We're here to say "hello!" and "welcome!" to newcomers, long-timers and all who come through our doors on Sunday mornings before and after services. Teams serve once a month at one Sunday morning service.
CONTACT: John Selberg


Lectors proclaim God’s word at our various liturgies by reading lessons from scripture and lead the assembly’s prayers and intercessions at Sunday morning and other services. Open to adults and teenagers. Information for current lectors may be found here.
CONTACT: Olivier Santos


At the 9 a.m. Sunday morning Eucharist, a family assists the ushers by bringing forward the gifts of bread and wine that we offer to God at the Offertory. Even very young children can help with this important liturgical role.
CONTACT: Kelly Moody


Sunday evening sacristans, as trained chalice bearers, support the 7 p.m. contemplative Eucharist service by setting up, hosting and serving during the liturgy, and cleaning up afterwards.
CONTACT: Jo Ann Bailey


Ushers are indispensable at cathedral liturgies, having the most direct contact with worshipers than any other minsitry. They serve many roles during Sunday and Special services, ensuring liturgies run smoothly, while seeing to the comfort and safety of all members of the assembly.
CONTACTS: 9 a.m.: Don Sutkus and 11 a.m.: Michael Seewer


Vergers are licensed ministers who escort the choir and liturgical participants in processions of all kinds, from guiding a lector to the ambo, to leading the entire congregation on Palm Sunday, and everything in between. They are also ministers of hospitality, identifying people in the congregation who need special assistance. Open to teenagers and adults.
CONTACT: Michael Seewer


Saint Mark's uses Ministry Scheduler Pro to organize, schedule and communicate with the many people who serve as liturgical ministers and make the cathedral's liturgies possible. The button to the right will take you to Saint Mark's scheduling portal. Contact Cathedral Sacristan Michael Seewer with any questions or problems.

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