Welcome to the Annual Giving web page!  We are so grateful for your interest in supporting the ministry and mission of Saint Mark’s Cathedral.

Below are some frequently asked questions about our Annual Appeal, pledging, and stewardship.

What is Stewardship?

Stewardship begins with the belief everything — all that we have and all that we are — are gifts from God.

Our response is to be good stewards of these gifts.

Whether we know it or not, we all practice stewardship. We are all stewards of how we spend our time and our money and how we use our gifts and talents, and we are all stewards of our beloved community, Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral.

One of the ways we are invited to demonstrate stewardship is through the gift of an annual pledge.

What is an annual pledge?

An annual pledge is a commitment of financial support to an organization—in this case, Saint Mark’s Cathedral—for the upcoming year.

Why make an annual pledge? 

Making an annual pledge is a deeply spiritual and transformative act.

When you complete a pledge card, you are demonstrating, through your pen strokes or mouse clicks, that the Saint Mark’s Cathedral mission and ministry means so much to you, that you are willing to take personal responsibility for ensuring its continued presence.

You are signing up to be a partner and co-creator of our beloved community.

How is pledging different from just giving through the collection plate?

First of all, please know that all gifts in whatever format and of whatever amount are welcomed.

One key point about pledges is that they are intentional. When you make a pledge, it (usually) will become a line item on your budget, one that you may reference throughout the year.

Pledging is helpful for the church in planning and budgeting, but its impact on you may be even more significant.

The intentional quality of a pledge may increase your interest and engagement in the community. You may find yourself attending more events and may discover new and fruitful activities and relationships. Your spiritual life may move even more to the forefront of your life.

Pledging is also an act done in community.

Whether we are making an annual gift for the first time or have been for many years, the spiritual act of pledging is also an invitation for us all to review our stewardship practices, how we are spending our time, talents, and funds, and to ponder how that aligns with our core values.

How should I decide how much to pledge?

The Bible refers to the tithe, which is ten percent of a pledger’s income. For those who are able, this is one potential starting point, but it is by no means required. It may become a goal to work toward in future years.

All pledges, of whatever amount, are deeply welcomed, valued, and appreciated.

As you consider your pledge, identify a weekly, monthly, or yearly amount. How does that feel to you? Mentally experiment with different amounts, perhaps a little more, perhaps a little less.

When you picture yourself giving an amount, and feel joy and gratitude, that may be your answer.

I’m ready to make a pledge! Now what?

Fill out your pledge card! These are available in both paper and online format.

If you didn’t receive a pledge card in the mail, you can pick one up at the Stewardship Ministry booth during any Sunday in October, or request one from Erik Donner.

To turn in your pledge card, you can put it into the offering plate any Sunday, mail it to the Cathedral office, or drop it off at the Stewardship Ministry booth.

Online pledge cards are available here.

How do I fulfill my pledge?

You can fulfill your pledge any number of ways:

What do I do if I need to change my Annual Gift amount?

We understand that people’s financial situations change unexpectedly. If you need to change your pledge amount, please call or email Erik Donner in the Dean’s Office.  All conversations will be confidential.

I’m already pledging.  How else can I give?

There are many other ways you can give to Saint Marks, including:

  • Giving through the collection plate.
  • Making a planned gift. Please visit their web page for more information.
  • Contributing to the clergy discretionary funds, Seattle Service Corps, Threshold Fund, or any one of the other opportunities for generosity throughout the year. You may wish to schedule a pastoral appointment with one of the clergy to discuss this.

What is the Saint Mark’s Tax ID number?  I need it for my records.

The Saint Mark’s Tax ID number is TIN 91-0579230.  Our legal name: St. Mark’s Cathedral Parish.


Please contact Dean Steve Thomason or Erik Donner with any questions.




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