Parking is available to all for no charge all day Sundays.

Monday through Saturday, paid and permit parking is in effect. Highlights of the weekday system:

  1. The upper section of the south lot and the spot along the cathedral building on the north side are reserved for permit holders.
  2. The lower section of the south lot is paid parking. The section is marked with signs and a yellow strip painted on the asphalt.
  3. The paid parking time is 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. When people use the Passport Parking app or website to pay for parking, the time begins at the current time in one-hour increments (e.g., 3:47 to 4:47). There’s a pre-pay reservation period, however, from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., but the paid clock begins at 9 am.
  4. Visitors to the cathedral on cathedral business may be given a temporary dashboard permit. Visitor with these dashboard permits should park in a permit zone (north side or upper south lot).

Below please see a letter from Dean Steve Thomason from June, 2019, announcing the launch of this system.




Dear friends,

In recent years the challenges of parking in Seattle have become more significant, and so we are implementing new parking management procedures for the cathedral campus on all days but Sunday. If you only access parking on Sundays, there is no change to the open parking lots. If you intend to park on any other day, 9 a.m.–10 p.m., the following rules will apply, effective Tuesday, June 25, 2019. We are also posting additional signage to assist you in these new procedures:

  1. If you are a member of the Saint Mark’s Cathedral Parish, you must obtain a parking permit to be applied to your lower right windshield. This allows you to park for free in “permit zones” while on campus for cathedral-related activities any day of the week. “Permit zones” are the upper south lot and the north lot adjacent to the cathedral. There are signs designating these as “parking by permit only.” Without the permit displayed in your vehicle, parking in these areas runs the risk that your vehicle will be towed.
  2. Dashboard permits are available in the church office for those who have appointments with cathedral staff who will certify the temporary permit, valid for the date and time of your appointment. Cars parked in “permit zones” without authorization may be towed.
  3. The lower south lot becomes a “paid parking zone” effective June 25. Those wishing to park on campus for other purposes must use the lower south lot and pay for parking using the Passport Parking app or The parking rate is $1.50/hour (total with taxes and fees amounts to $2.18/hour). The “paid parking zone” will be monitored frequently, 9 a.m.–10 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and those vehicles not authorized by payment through Passport Parking risk being towed.
  4. On occasions when Cathedral events warrant open parking (e.g., large funerals and weddings, workshops, diocesan events, etc.) we will erect signage noting that, and parking will be open across campus for that purpose, with no payment or permits required.

100% of the proceeds of this new paid parking arrangement will be used for much needed and long-deferred parking lot improvements. And active management of the parking lots in this way will help ensure that those accessing the campus on weekdays and Saturdays will be more likely to find parking. We appreciate your attention to these details. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Gratefully yours,

The Very Reverend Steven L. Thomason
Dean and Rector

Parking on campus for reason other than cathedral business requires payment using the Passport Parking mobile app, or using
Select Zone #1989
The parking rate is $1.50 per hour, plus taxes and fees (total: $2.18/hour)

What if the lot is full?

When the paid parking area of the cathedral parking lot is full, you can park on the street in the neighborhood. Street parking in this neightborhood is often limited to two hours. Carefully observe all posted parking restrictions—they are enforced at all hours.

There are a few pay lots within walking distance, including The Lowell School at E. Aloha &11th Ave E. (open for public parking after 6 p.m. M–F), and Diamond Parking lots at E. Mercer & Broadway E., and on 10th Ave E. near E. Roy.

If you park at the bottom of the bank to the west of the cathedral (around Lakeview Ave.), you can hike back up using the Blaine or Howe Street stairs, or the path through Saint Mark’s Greenbelt.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

The cathedral’s electric vehicle charging station was installed in the summer of 2021, dedicated to the memory of community member Jim Mulligan. After just over a year of trial use offering free access to the charging station for anyone, non-parishioners will be charged for their use beginning November 2022. Parishioners may obtain a code to use the station without charge, but to do this, you must first connect to the EV station, and then call or drop by the church office for a code. (Please do not share the code with others.)