Your Voice Counts:
Federal Recognition of the Duwamish Tribe

The Duwamish Tribal Council and Chairwoman The Hon. Cecile Hansen (our guest at a forum in the cathedral nave on April 3, 2022) are focusing on federal acknowledgment as the primary goal for the Duwamish Tribe in 2022.

There are several ways you can show support:

  • To sign the petition, go here and fill out the form and share with someone else. Signing the petition will help the Duwamish Tribe demonstrate support to U.S. legislators to prioritize this initiative.
  • To connect with elected officials, consider writing a letter or calling directly. Use this resource for background information and contact information.

You can learn more at and this Duwamish Tribe fact sheet.

Land Acknowledgment at Saint Mark’s

In 2021, Saint Mark’s began initiating services and gatherings with a land acknowledgement statement to recognize that the land on which we gather originally belonged to the Duwamish Tribe. Dean Steve Thomason spoke with Tribal Chairwoman Cecile Hansen to invite her input on how the land acknowledgment could best serve the interests of the Duwamish people (who advised brevity!)—and the pending version was brought to the Longhouse for input before final approval by the Vestry at its April 2021 meeting.

Though an important element in raising awareness and supporting the life and priorities of local indigenous tribes and nations, land acknowledgment is only one step, and must be more than words. For the Duwamish Tribe, there are many pressing concerns that demand support and change— most urgently, long-denied federal recognition that would immediately begin to address economic and cultural injustices – and the cathedral community looks to support that change by listening, learning and acting.