Saint Mark's Mideast Focus Ministry Presents:


A selection of films to entertain, educate, move, and inspire! Each screening includes presentations by guest speakers with personal experience of the subjects. Opening reception: Friday, February 28, 2020, 6:15 p.m., in Bloedel Hall. 

Screenings are presented on Fridays, 7–9 p.m., in Bloedel Hall at Saint Mark's Cathedral

  • February 28, 2020: Tel Aviv on Fire (catered reception at 6:15 p.m.)
  • March 27, 2020: Gaza Fights for Freedom This screening has been postponed. Stay tuned for the new date!
  • April 24, 2020: Imprisoning a Generation
  • May 15, 2020: The Lobby—U.S.A

For over 70 years the U.S. has supported the illegal and invasive occupation of Palestine by the Government of Israel. How are we to cope with the fact that our country, almost alone in the world, is responsible for this violation of Human Rights?

Our series begins with humor because it is the most bearable coping device. Through satire we get perspective on our common humanity. Then we look at how Gazans try to make their desperate situation known to the world, how families endure when their children are forcibly removed from their homes and placed in military prisons, and how they cope when their homes are demolished before their eyes. Finally, we explore some of the factors explaining why the U.S. leads the way in supporting this occupation.


Sunday morning Forums, 10:10 a.m., Bloedel Hall

February 16, 2020: Where I Grew Up
a live performance about growing up Palestinian  in Edmonds, WA.

March 15, 2020: This is Gaza, part I
The first in a two-part series featuring films created in Gaza by Seattle filmmaker Jen Marlowe

The March 15 forum with Jen Marlowe has been postponed. Please stay tuned for updates!

May 10, 2020: This is Gaza, part II

This screening has been postponed, with a new date to be announced in the future.



Filmed during the height of a six-week campaign of protests near the Gaza-Israeli border in 2018, this film features exclusive footage of the demonstrations. This documentary tells of Gaza’s comlex history through rare archival footage, info-graphics, and first-hand accounts. Backed by thorough legal documentation and exclusive evidence, this film details Israeli military war crimes that are supported by our own country.

with guest speaker: Former Congressman Brian Baird



This documentary film following the stories of four young Palestinians who have been detained and survive imprisonment under the Israeli military and political systems. Their perspectives, along with the voices of their families, form a lens into the entangled structures of oppression that pervade all aspects of life. Also included will be a short film by Farah Nabulsi titled Today, They Took My Son.

with guest speaker: Author and physician Alice Rothchild

MAY 15


This film is distilled from four documentary films by Al Jazeera. It is essential viewing if you want to understand why the United States gives uncritical support to Israel’s occupation of Palestine. The Lobby—U.S.A. will be paired with a short film by Farah Nabulsi, titled Oceans of Injustice.

with guest speaker: Attorney John McKay

Past screening in the Spring 2020 series: 




This comedy highlights the awful absurdity of the Occupation—and proves it’s possible to find humor in the midst of cultural conflict. Ordinary life is impossible to disentangle from political trauma for a dialogue coach working on a Palestinian soap opera. In this film, comedy sprouts from an absurd and tangeld reality. Winner of the Best Film and Best Screenplay awards at the Haifa International Film Festival 2019. (Opening reception at 6:15 p.m.)

with guest speaker: Playwright Ed Mast

The previous Spring 2019 Mideast Focus Film Series featured: 

More about the series:

Mideast Focus Ministry Mission:
This ministry works through prayer, education and action with Saint Mark’s and the greater Seattle community, to educate and promote understanding about the struggle for peace and justice in the Holy Land.

Mideast Focus Film Series Goal:
Our concern is to help balance the limited and confusing media coverage of the Holy Land. We use compelling films as an entry point for reflection and discussion. As Christians, we respond to Christ’s call to seek justice and love the oppressed. As Americans, we ask: Can we reconcile this calling with our government’s massive financial support of Israel’s military operations? We hope the time will come when Jews, Muslims and Christians will again come together in harmony in the Holy Land.

Why These Films?
As our country presents less than humane greetings for refugees at our border, we want to recommit ourselves to a more conscious, caring and Godly response—to recognize and serve our brothers and sisters who are, for a difficult time, homeless. In this series we explore what it is to be a refugee.