Saint Mark’s offers a variety of social and formation opportunities on Wednesday night. These offerings are known as the "Cathedral Commons," since they provide a space in which the cathedral parish can come together to share, learn, and grow.

The shared community meal, served 6–6:30 p.m., will resume in 2022. More details will be announced as they are available. 

Beginning in the fall of 2021, many of these offerings will be presented as "hybrid" events, with a full experience available both to those gathered in person in Bloedel Hall, and to those joining from home online.


Please note: Schedule subject to change.

No forum on January 12.

TWO WEDNESDAYS, JANUARY 19 & 26, 2022, 6:45–8:15 P.M., in Bloedel Hall and via Zoom.

Following the Magi: Exploring and Celebrating Dimensions of Culture

The season of Epiphany is a time of unveiling, light, and revelation. On Wednesdays, January 19 & 26, we will gather in the spirit of the Magi following the bright star, exploring and celebrating 9 dimensions of culture. The Rev. Canon Eliacín Rosario-Cruz will facilitate our conversation.

On Wednesday, January 19, we will explore the following dimensions of culture:

  • Power Distance
  • Uncertainty Avoidance
  • In-Group Collectivism
  • Institutional Collectivism

On Wednesday, January 26, we will explore the following dimensions of culture:

  • Gender Egalitarianism
  • Assertiveness
  • Performance Orientation
  • Future Orientation
  • Humane Orientation

This forum takes place only online via Zoom. Join using the information below:

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 846 6158 5114

Passcode: 690834

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2022, 6:45–8:15 P.M., in Bloedel Hall and via Zoom.  

The Book of Common Prayer

The Book of Common Prayer (BCP) shapes how we worship, what we believe, and how we see the world and ourselves in the Episcopal tradition. It is designed to shape our very lives in rich ways. Join us for a community discussion as we explore its content and discuss how we incorporate it into our spiritual lives.  A physical copy of the BCP or a free online version are not needed to attend but could be helpful to have available. Join in person at Bloedel Hall or via Zoom.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2022, 6:45 P.M., in Bloedel Hall. 

Movie Night

Details TBA

TWO WEDNESDAYS, FEBRUARY 16 & 23, 2022, 6:45–8:15 P.M., in Bloedel Hall and via Zoom. 

Celtic Spirituality: Delight, Wonder, & Reverence

Led by Canon Jennifer King Daugherty

Join Canon Daugherty over the course of two Wednesday evenings to explore the riches of creation-based spirituality in the Celtic tradition. She’ll share some of what she learned while on sabbatical in Ireland and Iona, and we’ll practice rhythms of embodied prayer and openness to daily encounters with the holy. 

No fee, pre-registration required for Zoom link.

No forum on March 2 (Ash Wednesday)

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 2022, 6:45–8:15 P.M., in Bloedel Hall and via Zoom. 

Death with Dignity: a Theological Reflection by Dean Steve Thomason

Details TBA



WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5, 2022, 6:45–8:15 P.M., in the cathedral nave and Bloedel Hall. Some portions of the evening will be livestreamed. 

In our tradition, the celebration of the Feast of Christmas lasts twelve days, beginning December 25 and ending on January 5 (that is, the day before the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6). The evening of the last day of Christmas is known as “Twelfth Night,” and is an opportunity for festivity and reflection. Come together in the cathedral nave on January 5 for a brief rite to bid farewell to Christmastide and to usher in the Season of Epiphany. Then, we’ll have a bonfire of the Christmas greens in the lower parking lot,  followed by hot drinks and festive snacks for all.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2021, 6:45 P.M.–8:15 P.M, Bloedel Hall and via Zoom 

A Conversation about Intersectionality by Canon Eliacín Rosario-Cruz

“We will work to adopt an intersectional approach in all aspects of our common life, remembering that all forms of oppression are connected. We look to educate ourselves, and share with others, the many places where our privilege blinds us from being compassionate to others.” —from Saint Mark's Statement of Lament and Commitment to Action

“Intersectionality is a lens through which you can see where power comes and collides, where it interlocks and intersects. It’s not simply that there’s a race problem here, a gender problem here, and a class or LBGTQ problem there. Many times that framework erases what happens to people who are subject to all of these things.”  —Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw

Join Canon Eliacín Rosario-Cruz Wednesday evening for a conversational presentation about Intersectionality and its importance in our congregational life and ministries in the world.


WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2021, 6:45 P.M.–8:15 P.M, online via Zoom only

The COP26 Experience: Heathy Skepticism and Abiding Faith—A Forum with Dr. Lisa Graumlich

For two weeks in November many of us sat on edge of chairs following updates from the twenty-sixth Conference of the Parties (COP26), more commonly known as simply the climate summit. As it ended, many felt disappointed that our high hopes for an ambitious global plan of action were not fully realized. What happened? Where do we go from here? Please join us for a discussion with Lisa Graumlich who will reflect on her long-time engagement with climate change as well as her recent experience as a COP26 delegate on behalf of the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, participating virtually.

Saint Mark’s parishioner Dave Menz and Grace Episcopal parishioner John Kydd will also be sharing a few insights and photos about their experiences of being in Glasgow among the crowds.



WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2021, 6:30–8 P.M. (rescheduled), in Bloedel Hall and via Zoom

Parish Forum on A Statement of Lament & Commitment to Action

Earlier this year the Vestry unanimously adopted the Statement of Lament and Commitment to Action as a guide for our important work as individuals and community as we strive for justice and peace and respect for every human being. It is a substantial document with a broad range of statements leading to actionable ways we are called to live and act in the world. In the special parish forum, to which all are invited and encouraged to attend, we will reflect together, unpack the document, and break into groups which will focus on specific areas of work including

  1. Addressing Homeless and Hunger in Seattle,
  2. Cathedral innovations for Reparations,
  3. Racial Justice and Healing,
  4. Global Justice ministries,
  5. Immigration Ministries, and
  6. Networking with Affiliate Partners in Ministry.


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2021, 6:45–8:15 P.M, via Zoom only

A Report from El Salvador by Elizabeth Hawkins

Facilitated by Dean Steve Thomason and Canon Eliacin Rosario-Cruz

Community member Elizabeth Hawkins has been living and working in San Salvador since 2019. A former immigration attorney, she travelled to El Salvador to research the complex factors that lead people to attempt to emigrate to the United States. Learn more about Elizabeth here. Dean Thomason and Canon Rosario-Cruz will facilitate the discussion.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2021, 6:45 P.M.–8:15 P.M., Bloedel Hall and via Zoom

Wisdom School Opening Plenary: A Spirituality of Desire with Dean Thomason

Drawing on art, poetry, science, and theology, including writings of the mystics, we explore desire as a deeply-seated (and perhaps divinely hard-wired) spiritual gift that enables us to engage the Other in life-giving union while also reflecting on ways we fall prey to false attachments meant to fill the spiritual whole that only God can fill. 

Video and slides from this presentation may be found here.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2021, 7 P.M. via Zoom only

Creation Care Forum: Reflections on the IPCC Report 6th Assessment Report on Climate Change

The recent IPCC report shows that heating from humans has caused irreparable damage to Earth that could worsen in the years to come. Come learn about causes, potential impacts and response options while reflecting how we may find hope in our collective efforts for change. Saint Mark’s parishioner and American Geophysical Union president-elect Lisa Graumlich will lead us in making sense of these findings and explore how we may move forward with this information.

A complete video recording and resources from this event are now available here.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2021, 7– 8:30 P.M., via Zoom

Response to the Afghanistan Crisis: Sahar—Education for Afghanistan Girls

The distressing reports out of Afghanistan in recent days are horrifying. Twenty years ago Sahar was launched in northern Afghanistan as an NGO serving girls. More than 250,000 girls have been educated in 18 schools in the region, and programs to reduce early marriage and build male allies took root. Saint Mark’s member Ginna Brelsford led this project until last year, and remains actively engaged with new leaders—two Afghan women here in the U.S. whose families are still in Afghanistan. Join this forum to learn more, to receive updates from the region where the schools, now closed, have had such an impact. While the future remains unclear, and the safety of the Sahar staff is of grave concern, there is hope that the education these women have received will continue to have positive impact, even in such difficult times.

Ginna will be joined by Sahar’s Program Manager, Shogofa Amini, a native of Mazar-e-Sharif who has been working with Sahar since 2018. Learn more about Shogofa here.


WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 6:30–8 p.m., via Zoom

Community Conversation on the Formation Consultant’s Report

In May and early June of this year, we held several Listening Groups with our Formation Consultant, Jamie Martin Currie, who captured a great deal of information and insights from these groups and the parish survey (which had more than 200 providing input). Thanks to all who participated. The report delivered in late June has a great deal of information and several recommendations which we have embraced, and all in the Saint Mark’s community are invited to participate in a follow-up conversation about the report.

Read the full consultant’s report here. 

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27, 2021, 7–8:30 P.M., via Zoom

The Doctrine of Discovery: The Episcopal Church, Indigenous Peoples, and the Necessity of Decolonizing Christianity

A Presentation and Discussion with The Rev. Rachel Taber-Hamilton

The Rev. Rachel Taber-Hamilton

Saint Mark’s welcomes The Rev. Rachel Taber-Hamilton, who is Shackan First Nation, Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Everett, and Coordinator of Ethnic Ministries Circles of Color.

The Doctrine of Discovery historically informed the legal premise for justifying the forces of colonialism, including the enslavement of African and Asian peoples as well as the oppression and genocide of indigenous peoples. Rev. Taber-Hamilton will share the historical development of the Doctrine of Discovery, the historical role of the Church, and real-world contemporary examples of its continuing impact. The Doctrine of Discovery remains embedded in the legal policies of the U.S. and colonized nations throughout the world, policies that maintain the theological, political, and legal justification for continued neo-colonialism, including the seizure of land, genocide, oppression, and racism.

The Episcopal Church National Convention in 2009 formally renounced the doctrine and urged dioceses’ reflection and action. Come learn how allies can help deconstruct the effects of the Doctrine of Discovery as a social force in our Church, in our nation, and in our world.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, 2021, 7 P.M., via Zoom

Pilgrimage into Celtic Spirituality

Facilitated by Dean Steve Thomason

Join Dean Thomason and others for an evening of reflecting on our Celtic heritage, and the ways Celtic spirituality innervates our communal life and worship even still. The pilgrimage to Iona and the Celtic missions of northern England and Scotland has been postponed till summer 2022, but pilgrimage involves prayer and preparation, and an openness to be changed by the experiences that unfold near and far from the place we call home. All are welcome. Join using this Zoom link.


WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, 2021, 7 p.m. via Zoom

Cathedral Jeopardy!

Facilitated by Dean Steve Thomason

In a nod to the late Alex Trebec, Dean Thomason will host a fun evening of trivial pursuit “Jeopardy-style.” Categories include Cathedral History, Music and the Arts, Deans and Canons, Know your Staff, and Pot Pouri. Everyone can play along at home, but the Dean invites individuals to volunteer to be audible participants in teams. To volunteer, email Dean Thomason at All are welcome. Join using this Zoom link.

Please note: The Wisdom School presentation By Dean Thomason originally announced for Wednesday, January 13, will be offered at a later date, TBA.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2020, 7–8:00 P.M.

Post-Election Book Discussion:
Love Is the Way: Holding on to Hope in Troubling Times - Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s New Book!

Let’s gather after the election and talk about hope for the future in a real, Jesus-centered way! As the descendant of slaves and the son of a civil rights activist, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's life illustrates massive changes in our times. In his new book, he uses the prism of his faith, ancestry, and personal journey to show us how America came this far and how to go a whole lot further. The way of love is essential for addressing the seemingly insurmountable challenges facing this nation today: poverty, racism, selfishness, deep ideological divisions, competing claims to speak for God. Let’s get some love going and talk about the PB’s charge and challenge together! If you’d like to hear more about the book, read here. Registration required here.


Watch Party and Discussion of Documentary “13th”



Gather together online to watch and then discuss the profound documentary “13th,” filmmaker Ava DuVernay’s exploration of the history of racial inequality in the United States, focusing on the mass incarceration of African Americans. Scholars, activists, and politicians analyze the history of criminalization of African Americans and the intersection of race, justice, and the prison-industrial complex. If you’ve already watched the documentary, join us later at 7:15 – 8:15 on Zoom for a discussion of what this means for us, and what our responsibility is to work to change this system. Registration for both movie and discussion are the same, and are required here. Want to know more? Great article in The Atlantic here, and Ava DuVernay discusses the film with Oprah here.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020

The Role of Surprise in the Spiritual Journey

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 7-8:30 P.M., via Zoom
Dean Thomason will offer some theological reflections on the element of surprise in scripture and in our lives. We’ve had a lot of surprises this year, good and bad! How do we understand them in light of the spiritual journey? (Note: this forum serves as opening plenary for the Radix Project, but all are welcome to attend.)
Video of this offering is available on the Radix Project page, here.

SEPTEMBER 16 & 23, 2020

Wonder in Creation: A Two-Week Series of Spiritual Practice in Creation 

7–8:30 P.M., via Zoom

How do you experience God in everyday life? How might your daily living itself be and become a spiritual practice? The Creation Care and Faith Formation ministries will jointly host a two-week series in September to explore how spiritual practices outside bring opportunities to encounter presence, connection and reflection. Each evening, a panel from Saint Mark's will reflect on their own experiences, and you will have time to share your own. We'll also introduce tangible ways to share in active spiritual practices and reflect on how they may nurture reflection and faith in our response. Join us to "Celebrate the Harvest" on 9/16 and to practice "Mindful Steps" on 9/23.
Video of these events may be viewed here.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 8, 2020, 7 p.m., via Zoom

“Today Was A Good Day” — Watch Party with Director David Wild

Join with the broad Saint Mark’s community for a watch party of parishioner David Wild’s documentary film, Today Was A Good Day. This 40-minute film offers different perspectives on the day-to-day life of a caregiver, as seen through the eyes of three Southeastern Michigan residents who have taken on the many roles and responsibilities of caring for an aging parent. Afterwards, we’ll have a chance to hear David reflect on the film and discuss the caregiver experience, including for those with dementia. Register using the link below. Watch the trailer here. Contact Canon Daugherty with questions:

SERIES: FOUR WEDNESDAYS, JULY 15 & 29, and AUGUST 12 & 26, 2020, 7 P.M

Taking Up Our Responsibility for Racial Justice (Online)

Registration for this offering is now closed. However, you are invited to visit this page to view the video of the plenary presentation, and follow along using the syllabus. 

At this critical moment in our nation’s and community’s history, we are confronted again with fresh knowledge of longstanding racial injustice – in policing, the justice system, health care, housing, education, the Church, and many other sectors of our common life. Our faith community is grappling with important questions – what do I need to learn? How should I and our church respond? We will undertake a four-week study and discussion series to confront racism—its theology, history, and presence in our lives today—and ways to move forward toward justice. The series is open to all, recognizing the responsibility for change falls on white people. A plenary session with Dean Thomason to learn more about the series was offered on July 1, 7-8:30 p.m. See video of this event below. The in-depth series follows on four Wednesday nights (July 15 and 29, August 12 and 26) and will require advance registration and a commitment to attend all sessions and read/watch articles and videos in advance. More details to come soon, but you can get started by reading Ijeoma Oluo’s book, So You Want to Talk About Race. For questions or more information contact or

JUNE 24, 2020, 7 P.M.

Celebrating the Seattle Service Corps 

As an eventful year ends for the current cohort of Seattle Service Corps members, let’s gather on Zoom to bless them and send them forth from this place that has been their home for the past 11 months. The members will reflect on their year here and share plans for the next chapter of their lives. Contact Service Corps Director Adam Conley with any questions:

JUNE 10, 2020

Is EfM for me? 

7–8:30 P.M., via Zoom

If you have attended Saint Mark’s for some time, you have probably heard about Education for Ministry many times—especially this time of year when registration for the upcoming session is open. If you are new to Saint Mark’s, you might be hearing about EfM for the first time. But what it is really like to participate in an EfM class? What sort of work is required? What happens at the class meetings? Are there exams??? Please consider attending a Zoom forum on Wednesday evening, June 10, to learn all about what EfM is… and what it isn’t!

MAY 27, 2020

Live Online Talent Show Starring the Children and Families of Saint Mark’s 

7–8:30 P.M., via Zoom

A Talent Show organized by the Saint Mark’s Cathedral Choir School and Children & Family Ministries will be presented online, Wednesday, May 27 at 7 p.m. Our families will present their acts LIVE via a live Zoom webinar, and simultaneously in the cathedral’s private Facebook group. Tune in to celebrate our community and to be amazed by the talented young people of the cathedral! Register to watch the Zoom broadcast at this link. Contact Rebekah Gilmore at for more information.

Video, slides, and resources from Cathedral Commons events from previous seasons are archived here.