Ep. 24 — The Right Rev. Greg Rickel: God Has Not Abandoned Us (Part 1)

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In Part 1 of this wide-ranging interview, Bishop Greg Rickel talks about how he got started in the Episcopal faith, his spiritual response to the COVID-19 epidemic, how the outbreak has affected our churches and communities, the challenges of being a bishop, and what it means to observe Easter in quarantine.


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  1. Marilyn Pedersen
    | Reply

    Faith dust! This resonates with me! I was raised in the Lutheran church and felt that I asked too many questions. I was told that I needed to have more faith…by faith alone will I be saved.

    It took awhile for me to land in the Episcopal church but when I was confirmed as an Episcopalian, it happened to be 24 years to the day I was confirmed in the Lutheran church. My rector at the time thought the timing was “cosmic.”

    Thank you faith dust!

  2. Janet
    | Reply

    Your history was interesting, and you have been our shepherd through the virus, Thank you.

  3. Steve Moen
    | Reply

    This conversation with the Bishop is very helpful and much appreciated.

  4. Stephen Deutermann
    | Reply

    What a wonderful story! Thank you.

  5. Barbara Evans
    | Reply

    Thank you Bishop Rickel for your messages (Ep 24) We appreciate your genuine approach to
    sharing your faith, practice and theology, We are living on Orcas Island, a definitely beauty location
    to be having to shelter in place. Our lifestyle is really no different, except for watching our
    Emmanuel Parish Church Service on line each Sunday and wearing masks and gloves todo the
    weekly marketing. We will forward this to our dear friend, Rt. Rev. Ret. Bishop John Thornton
    (formerly Idaho) who, with his wife, Jan, live on their farm in Scio, Oregon. John and my husband,Ret. Rev.
    David Evans first worked together in Marin County, CA, 45 years ago, where John was the Priest at
    St. Stephens, Belvedere and David was the Minister for 25 years at Community Congregational Church,
    (United Church of Christ) The fellows held services and events together. with positive outcome.
    We send you Blessing for this Easter Season and look forward to having you visit here in the future.
    In the meantime, continue being healthy and safe.
    In God’s Love, Barbara Evans

  6. Carla Golden
    | Reply

    I completely agree with Michael, the interviewer–Thank you, Bishop Rickel, for taking the time you did to do this!
    As a cradle Episcopalian, I certainly remember the episcopacy of The Right Reverend Robert Cochran, and Edmund Browning was also Presiding Bishop in those days!

    I also appreciate and enjoy watching your video messages at important times of the church such as Lent and Easter, and thanks, too, for sharing part of the story of your life with us, as well as pointing out how much of the bishop’s time is spent on travel! That latter question has been lingering in my heard for a good, long time.

    I am so glad that you are here among us, doing the work of the Good Shepherd, and I hope that will continue!
    Take care and stay well.

    In the peace of the Lord, Carla Golden

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