Marc Aubertin

Interim Operational Improvement Coordinator

Marc Aubertin joined the cathedral staff in January 2024 to serve in the new role of new part-time Interim Operational Improvement Coordinator, focusing on opportunities for operational improvement, particularly in the areas of facilities, information technology support, and purchasing. The design of Marc’s role is oriented to projects that will improve efficiencies, save on rising costs where possible, and streamline operational workflows in the cathedral’s support services.

Marc’s work experience is substantial, and he brings an impressive skillset to the role. He currently serves (and will continue to serve) as Seattle Central College’s Food Service Supervisor, a role in which purchasing, safety, and operational support are guided by Marc. He also has a breadth of experience with financial workflows, administrative leadership, and even served as Assistant Director of Facilities at a large church in Boston for several years. Of course, we know him as Chef Aubertin hosting parish meals on Wednesdays and other occasions, as member of the cathedral choir, liturgical minister (verger, acolyte, and assisting lay minister), and treasurer of the Cathedral Foundation.