Cathedral Cleaning Procedures
during Viral Outbreak

Saint Mark’s Cathedral’s Facilities staff follow the cleaning recommendations relating to the coronavirus for public buildings provided by the National Facilities Management & Technology (NFMT) professional organization. Specific procedure include:

  1. Routine deep cleaning of the Cathedral and campus common spaces occurs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by our contracted cleaning company.
  2. Frequently touched surfaces on campus are wiped down daily and/or during set up for scheduled events/meetings.
  3. Restroom surfaces are cleaned daily.
  4. Sanitary surface wipes and hand sanitizer are now available in Bloedel Hall, Front Office, the Narthex, Level 3 Office Suite, Choir School, Level 5 (childcare & choir), Leffler House, and Carriage House.
  5. Staff and office volunteers are responsible for their own office wipe down surfaces as required.

Additionally, Facilities Manager David Wagner will attend a conference the week of March 3, 2020, addressing Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Plans for public spaces. This conference is sponsored by King County Public Health and the Mayor's Office.

If you’d like to volunteer to help the facilities staff in the daily wipe down of common-use surfaces, please contact David Wagner at