The Compline Service at Saint Mark's remains closed to the public at this time.

Live broadcasts on KING 98.1 FM and video livestream have resumed.

Watch on the cathedral's livestream page here, or via Facebook Live (either the cathedral's page or the choir's page), or on the cathedral's YouTube page.

An ensemble of eight singers drawn from the choir chants the office from the altar platform each week. For details and information of the safety protocols in place, please visit the Compline Choir's website.

Beginning in May, members of the choir who are not singing on the platform will be seated in the pews during the service.

About the Office of Compline

A beloved Seattle institution since 1956, the all-male Compline Choir sings the last monastic office of the day every Sunday at 9:30 p.m. When the cathedral building is open, hundreds pack the nave each week for this meditative service, while thousands more listen to the broadcast on KING-FM, 98.1, streaming online at, or via the podcast.

The Order of Service for the office of Compline as it is sung at Saint Mark's—the so-called "Seattle Rite"—may be seen here.

Beginning during the closure, the texts of the hymns and anthems to be sung at Compline are posted each week on The Compline Underground blog.

Land Acknowledgment

The Office of Compline, like other liturgies at Saint Mark's Cathedral, now begins with a Land Acknowledgment. Learn more here.

Listen & read more:

"Compline: A Spiritual Awakening" is a brief video about the Compline service and the Compline Choir at Saint Mark's Cathedral, produced in 2013 by Austin Rickel & George Carman.

The Women's Compline Choir of Saint Mark's 

Compline on the 10th Sunday pentecost 2019In the summer of 2019, the men of the Compline Choir traveled to the U.K. for two weeks, serving residencies in Canterbury and Salisbury. To cover the services during absence, Saint Mark's Associate Musician Rebekah Gilmore was asked to assemble an all-female choir of 21 voices, comprising some of the most accomplished choral singers in the Seattle area. The services they sang, the first all-female services in the 63-year history of Compline at Saint Mark's, were deeply moving to many, and may be heard here. It was decided that "Women's Compline" would become an annual summer offering from Saint Mark's. Although during the pandemic of 2020 the full choir could not assemble, a quartet of singers drawn from the women's choir again chanted the office on July 19 & 26, 2020. An ensemble drawn from the Women's Compline Choir will again chant the office on July 18 & 25, 2021.

Compline Livestream Archives: