About Taizé

What exactly is Taizé Prayer? It is named after a small village in eastern France which, for over fifty years, has been the home of an ecumenical Christian monastic community. Members of the Taizé community belong to several different Christian denominations. Catholics, Anglicans, Protestants, Orthodox and others live and pray together, share a simple life and welcome thousands of visitors who come to spend time with them every year from all over the world.

Taizé prayer services are comprised of silence and song, candlelight and stillness, prayer and contemplation. The music is unique and distinctive. Taizé chants featuring deceptively simple refrains that are repeated, mantra-like, by the whole congregation, while instrumental and vocal soloists occasionally add verses on top of the repeated refrains. The music is accessible, participatory, and meditative.

All who attend these services, either online or in person are invited to stop, pray, and use the silence and meditative music as opportunity to listen to the “still, small voice” within. The mind calms and the soul opens up. God speaks and the heart hears.

Taizé at Saint Mark's

A group of Saint Mark's community members with experience of Taizé liturgies wanted to bring this style of worship to the inspiring space and special acoustics of the cathedral nave. Beginning in the spring of 2022, the service is offered seasonally (approximately every two or three months), on a Tuesday evening. The service is also livestreamed. You can view a recent service leaflet here to see what the order of service looks like, and video of past services may be seen below on this page.

If you have any questions, or are interested in contributing in some way to our Taizé Prayer ministry, please get in touch. All are welcome to contribute—as musicians, readers, or to help to plan the services—regardless of you prior experience with Taizé. To learn more, contact Cathedral Sacristan Michael Seewer: mseewer@saintmarks.org

2024 Taizé Services

All services in the cathedral nave, and livestreamed

TUESDAY, JANUARY 23, 2024, 7 P.M.
celebrating The Rev. Florence Li Tim-Oi

TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 2024, 7 P.M.
on the Feast of St. Joseph/
in the fifth week of Lent

TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2024, 7 P.M.
special interfaith Taizé service

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2024, 7 P.M.
in the octave of the Feast of
St. Michael and All Angels

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2024, 7 P.M.
celebrating Kamehameha & Emma of Hawaii

Video and leaflet from past services can be found linked below, or here

Taizé Livestream Archives: