What is the Threshold Fund?

The Saint Mark's Cathedral Threshold Fund is an initiative of Saint Mark's Homeless Advocacy Ministry, which helps individuals and families experiencing homelessness by providing financial assistance with rental deposits and move-in costs, lowering the financial barrier to safe, permanent housing. You can give to the fund here.

Saint Mark’s Threshold Fund Details:

  • This new fund will provide qualified recipients with first and last month’s rent and security deposit— half as an outright gift, half as a loan to be repaid when they are able.
  • The average subsidy in each case is approximately $1600.
  • We are partnering with Catholic Community Services (CCS) to administer the program, which includes case management to ensure those in need obtain the support services from which they will benefit.
  • We pay a small fee to CCS to provide this service on our behalf, ensuring that we have professional staff vetting each case.

Threshold Fund UPDATE (August 2019)

Here is a mid-year report highlighting the ways your generosity has helped several people. Since launching the program in March, 14 households (30 individuals in all) have received assistance totaling $17,320.92. The average assistance was $1,237.21.