What's Happening?

This time of confinement and isolation is especially difficult for young people. Here are some ways the youth of the cathedral are coming together and supporting each other during this time. These offerings are for youth, 6th grade through high school. 

Saint Mark's Youth Group Bible Study & Online Hangout


Beginning the week of Sunday, June 28 we will gather online to hang out, read and reflect on scripture, and check in with each other as a community. Respond here to give your input on when we meet.

Youth Group Zoom Office Hours

EVERY SUNDAY, 2–3 p.m., via Zoom

Each Sunday we will have an open "office hours" time where a mix of Saint Mark's youth leaders and clergy including Rev. Cristi, Anna Wiley, and Nicole Silvernale will be available over Zoom to hold space for conversation, questions, prayers, and anything else you may need. We hope you feel welcome to visit us and any other youth who join in during this time, but if that does not feel like it's something you want to do right now, that is absolutely okay too. Contact Nicole Silvernale for the link to join: nsilvernale@saintmarks.org

Summer 2020 (Virtual) Offerings from Kids4Peace


Kids4Peace is hosting conversations for grades 6–12 on a variety of topics relevant to the protests happening in our communities and across the world. Topics include "Exploring Social Media & Social Justice," "Protest art & Other Small Crimes," "Uncomfortable: Race, Racism, and Privilege," "A Virtual Interfaith Road Trip," and more. Check out this link for the complete list of offerings.

Coming up in the Fall!

  • "Last Splash" end-of-the-summer celebration
  • Sunday morning "Donuts & Discussion" resumes, possibly in an online format
  • Youth Radix Project, Session III (October-November)
  • Inquirer's Class for Youth (an introduction to what it means to be Christian as an Episcopalian)
  • Intergenerational Advent Event and alternative holiday gift giving project
  • and in the Spring... the annual Mardi Gras Celebration and Liturgy, organized by the youth of the cathedral and the Seattle Service Corps.

The Rite of Confirmation for Youth

Confirmation is about making a mature decision to be a part of a community and the desire to have a deeper relationship with God. There is no “right age.” It is typically offered at the cathedral once a year, on Cathedral Day. If you believe this is something you would like to do, then let’s begin the conversation. Contact Nicole Silvernale or Rev. Canon Cristi Chapman.

Questions? Want more info?

Please contact Contact Director of Youth Ministry Nicole Silvernale

or Canon Cristi Chapman, 206-323-0300, ext. 203

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Diocesan Youth Offerings

MONDAY FUNDAY: Mondays, 7–8 p.m.
WORSHIP WEDNESDAY: Wednesdays, 7–8 p.m.
Every week join youth from around the dioceses for Monday Funday at 7 p.m. for an hour of virtual games, challenges and fun together.
On Wednesdays at 7 p.m. join us for a youth-led evening service, complete with music, to help us stay connected to God and each other.
Learn more and find out how to join here.

Lost With A Purpose

"6-Day" High School Summer Camp Goes Virtual!

JULY 24-26, 2020, via Zoom
Spend time in fellowship with other youth from around the Diocese of Olympia! "6-Day" is taking on a different format for 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year's theme is "Lost With A Purpose".
Participants will receive a program supply box in the mail and connect via Zoom meeting over the course of a weekend. Expect workshops, small group breakout discussions, and "real world missions". We'll worship together, sit down to eat together, and play together. There's a variety show to look forward to, and Bishop Rickel joins us the morning of Saturday, July 25th.
In these uncertain times, it's easy to feel lost. Join us at "6-Day" as we explore what it means to have a purpose and how faith can guide us through the challenges we face in our lives.

Register Here!

Guiding Values


Saint Mark’s is committed to creating a place where youth are fully welcomed and valued as members of the church community. We recognize that all members of this community add a richness to our shared experience. This is why on any given Sunday morning youth participate in all aspects of the service including serving as acolytes, lectors, or greeters.  ALL are welcome to participate in “making” worship happen.



We strive to be a place where youth feel not only welcomed, but urged and encouraged to let their voices, collective and individual, be heard and honored. We hope to create a space for youth to be a part of and help make community.  We also hope to inspire our youth to be a driving force in creating a welcoming and inspiring community for all. We hope that in doing so, our youth will help the other communities they are a part of to be welcoming and inspiring as well.



By showing, modeling and creating a healthy and safe community where all are welcomed, respected and honored, we hope to be a place a transformation.  A place where youth have room to consider how navigate a world that sometimes does not present as safe and healthy. We believe that by offering a glimpse of other cultural experiences and giving room to see other ways of being in the world as possibilities, allow for youth who can be transformed and see the world through the lens of Jesus.



We recognize that church is more than what we do when we gather on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Although these times are important to creating and sustaining community, they also serve as a time to learn who we are called to be in the world, to practice this way of being, to wrestle with our struggles and to pray for each other as we journey together. When we gather, we support and prepare ourselves to be in the world serving those in any kind of need.