Youth at Saint Mark's

Saint Mark’s offers fellowship, Bible study, service projects, and confirmation training to young people in our community throughout the year.

Want to get involved? Contact Interim Youth Director Rebekah Gilmore:


Guiding Values


Saint Mark’s is committed to creating a place where youth are fully welcomed and valued as members of the church community. We recognize that all members of this community add a richness to our shared experience. This is why on any given Sunday morning youth participate in all aspects of the service including serving as acolytes, lectors, or greeters.  ALL are welcome to participate in “making” worship happen.


We strive to be a place where youth feel not only welcomed, but urged and encouraged to let their voices, collective and individual, be heard and honored. We hope to create a space for youth to be a part of and help make community.  We also hope to inspire our youth to be a driving force in creating a welcoming and inspiring community for all. We hope that in doing so, our youth will help the other communities they are a part of to be welcoming and inspiring as well.


By showing, modeling and creating a healthy and safe community where all are welcomed, respected and honored, we hope to be a place a transformation.  A place where youth have room to consider how navigate a world that sometimes does not present as safe and healthy. We believe that by offering a glimpse of other cultural experiences and giving room to see other ways of being in the world as possibilities, allow for youth who can be transformed and see the world through the lens of Jesus.


We recognize that church is more than what we do when we gather on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Although these times are important to creating and sustaining community, they also serve as a time to learn who we are called to be in the world, to practice this way of being, to wrestle with our struggles and to pray for each other as we journey together. When we gather, we support and prepare ourselves to be in the world serving those in any kind of need.


Teenagers, ages 13–18, who desire to dig deeper into the church and their own beliefs are invited into the year-long process of preparation for youth confirmation. You don't need to be sure that you want to be confirmed to take this class. Asking those questions is the work we do together.

Timeline: November 13, 2023 - April 27, 2024.

Class structure: Classes will be taught by Rebekah Gilmore, interim youth minister, and other adult instructors in a mix of on-site and virtual classes using the Confirm not Conform curriculum.

Confirmation: Cathedral Day, April 27, 2024 will mark the confirmation liturgy for this class.

Registration: A registration link will be posted here when it is available.

Contact: Rebekah Gilmore,

Youth Confirmation Schedule 2023-24

More details TBA
October 23, 2023 - Parent/student information meeting
November 13, 2023 - Meeting begin
April 27, 2024 - Cathedral Day (Confirmation Liturgy)

Past Events

Sledding & Snowballs & Snow Angels

SUNDAY, JANUARY 30, 2:30–4:30 P.M.

Middle School and High School youth (and families) are invited to a sledding, snowball fight, snow angel extravaganza up in the mountains after church at the end of the month.

When: Sunday, January 30th, 2:30PM-4:30PM (We will meet at the Easton Reload Parking area).

Where: Easton Reload Sno-Park *subject to change based on conditions so RSVP! About 75-90min from Seattle

RSVP here (Even a "maybe" is helpful so we can communicate changing plans as needed with weather/Covid)

How to get there: At this point in the pandemic, the cathedral is not going to organize ride-sharing. Families can choose to drive their own youth up to the sno-park OR can make their own carpooling arrangements. This location is over Snoqualmie Pass so 4wheel/All Wheel Drive is recommended or have chains with you. Parents, just come hang out and chat with each other and maybe deck your kid with a snowball.

Release of Liability: Youth need to come with the release of liability form filled out by a parent. Emailing it to me ahead of time would be the BEST.

What to bring: Release of liability, sled or saucer, snow gear (boots, coats, hats, gloves, pants), warm change of clothes, snacks, water.

Sno-Park One Day Pass: To park at the Sno-Park you must either have a seasonal Sno-Park Permit or purchase a day use $25 Sno-Park permit for your vehicle. To purchase a permit early, you can do it here and print it.  I would recommend waiting until a few days ahead when the weather outlook is more stable. There is a pay-station in the State Park to buy one but that will be likely be out of your way.

Mark you calendars for the snowball fight of the decade...or snow angels if that's your speed.

Youth Service Project with Nurturing Roots Community Farm

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 10, 12:45–3 P.M., 6218 Beacon Ave. S., Seattle

Middle School and High School youth will offer their elbow grease to assist with the fall chores on this thriving urban farm and community farming program that values community, self-sufficiency, food empowerment, social justice, and education. The Saint Mark's Creation Care Ministry hosted a wonderful forum last April called "Sacred Ground" which included Nyema Clark from Nurturing Roots. If you're interested in an update, check out this inspiring new 6-minute video about the activities at Nurturing Roots, including their "focus on sharing the truth about systematic oppression with an emphasis on food and environmental justice." The youth of Saint Mark's are invited to visit the farm and get their hands dirty for a good cause (or plan ahead and bring work gloves!). We will meet onsite at the farm at 12:45 p.m. on October 10 after church. Check out the farm's website at

Spring Youth Vespers on the Labyrinth

SUNDAY, MAY 2, 7:30-8:30 p.m.
Screening/check-in from 7:15-7:30 p.m. Pre-registration required. Register here.
Come to the CATHEDRAL for an outdoor Vespers service at sunset. We will have some time to chat with each other, help out on the cathedral grounds to remind ourselves that we love the place, and end our time with a Vespers service as the sun goes down.

Youth Movie Night

SUNDAY, MAY 16, 7 – 9 p.m.
Tune into Zoom (email Rebekah Gilmore to get the link) and watch 2040 together.
Care about climate change? We need to watch this movie together! How old will you be in 2040? What will this world look like for you then? Let's watch this entertaining and engaging documentary together and talk about it. We are God's hands in this world. How will we respond with hope to the climate crisis? Check out this YouTube trailer for 2040.

Lenten Daily Pop-Up Prayer

When is the right time of day to turn your heart to God for a moment? NOW!

Each day of Lent, beginning Ash Wednesday, February 17, the call will go out for youth to hop on YouTube Live for a quick minute of guided prayer. When will it happen? Youth and parents will be given a few minutes of warning via text message and email to stop what they are doing and PRAY as lead by lay leaders, clergy, and other youth.

UPDATE: 344 total prayers were made by viewers during this Lenten discipline. To view our Lenten prayers, visit the St. Mark's Youth YouTube Pop-Up Prayer playlist found here.

Youth Advent Sunset Vespers on the Labyrinth

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 20, 3:45–4:45 P.M.

Middle School and High School Youth gathered in person outside, on the cathedral's front lawn and labyrinth, at sunset on December 20.

Youth Kickoff Meeting and Great Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Extravaganza!

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 7-8:30 P.M., via Zoom
As this unique school year begins, the youth of Saint Mark's will be invited to dig deep, goof off, wrestle with big questions, and learn to lean on each other—figuratively if not literally. Join us for our first event of the season to learn what is coming up this year from service projects to Bible study to confirmation. How will we be together when we can't be together? Let's talk about it. Here is Rebekah's kitchen recipe.