Consecrated bread and wine are entrusted to lay eucharistic visitors to be shared with sick or shut-in members of the community. If you would like Holy Communion brought to you, please call the cathedral at 206.323.0300.

To accompany a Eucharistic Visitor on a visit, or if you’d like to learn more about this licensed ministry, please contact Kevin Johnson

About Eucharistic Visitors at Saint Mark's 

Saint Mark’s Cathedral's team of Eucharistic Visitors is a vital part of our sacramental life. This team of licensed lay ministers is available to take Holy Communion to those who are shut-in, hospitalized, or unable to attend because of health. A Eucharistic Visitor (EV) is not a substitute for clergy, but rather provides a way for the parishioner to have a direct connection to the faith community, participating in the nurturing, strengthening, healing, and renewing of communion that their fellow parishioners experienced shortly before during worship services.

We commission Eucharistic Visitors during the service as a sign of our being “one body” in Christ, no matter where we are. Anyone who feels called to this ministry is invited to a process of discernment and training. Eucharistic Visitors are licensed by the diocese after being trained. We ask that prospective visitors go out with a licensed visitor at least twice before being licensed, and then training and the license application process can occur.

If you are interested in accompanying a licensed EV on a visit, let us know. Eucharistic visitation is a “two-by-two” ministry, but the second person does not have to be licensed. This makes for a very blessed snapshot of the worship life of Saint Mark’s, mutually blessing both those being visited, and the visitor, in the experience of the sacramental and worship life of our cathedral community.