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FEBRUARY 23, 2020:

  • Sunday February 23, 11 a.m. • The Last Sunday after the Epiphany • Service Bulletin

Support the Mission and Ministry of Saint Mark's Cathedral

If you watch and enjoy our live-streamed or archived services, please consider making a donation in support of the mission and ministry of this cathedral. You may make a contribution online at (link opens in new tab). You may also donate using the Venmo mobile app from your smartphone (search for @SaintMarksCathedralSeattle ) Thank you for your generosity.

(Permission to podcast/stream the music in this service obtained from One License with license A-706820. On occasion, we will remove sections of music from the archived version of the service, due to licensing restrictions.)

How to Restore a Weak Livestream Connection

At times, the stream's signal may become weak or disconnected, and you may see a spinning wheel, or a black or green screen. When this happens, you can try several things to make the stream re-connect. First, run your mouse over the streaming window, (or touch the window if you're on a mobile device) and the tool bar at the bottom will appear. Try clicking the controls at the bottom left. These buttons may appear differently depending on which browser or device you are watching on. You may see the word 'LIVE' or a 'play' triangle button - click on either of those and see if the stream will reconnect. You may also try refreshing your browser window, which will reload the entire webpage, and that sometimes will reconnect you to the stream.

The controls for the livestream's sound are also in this bottom toolbar. If you aren't hearing the service, look for the speaker symbol and click on it. Conversely, you can mute the sound by clicking the same button.

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