Sharing Meals with Tent City 3

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SUNDAY EVENINGS, JUNE 19 through SEPTEMBER 4, 2:30–6:30 P.M., Bloedel Hall. Volunteer Appreciation Dinner: Sunday, September 11.

Tent City 3 arrives in the cathedral parking lot June 4, and the cathedral's TC3 meals team has been coordinating the details of their stay. The residents have decided that they would like to share Sunday dinners with us indoors in Bloedel Hall! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down and share dinner with them.

At this time all the volunteer slots are filled -- check out the updates below to see how the meals are going! Please contact co-coordinators Chris Rigos or Maris Olsen with any questions. Thanks to all!


On Sunday night, July 31 the Tent City Meals ministry enjoyed sharing their 7th Sunday night dinner with our Tent City guests. Our fine chefs and volunteers Christopher Breunig, Courtney Van Stolk, Janelle Walhout, Keiko Maruyama, and Mark Stumpf made the evening a hit by serving chicken teriyaki stir fry with rice, braised vegetables, and (as always) ice cream sundaes.

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We had another fine dinner for our tent City guests on July 24 due to the great work of our volunteers Erin Beary-Andersen, Casey Beary-Andersen, Debra Waddell, Kristine Ekman, Molly Tennis, Allison Narver, and Mark Stumpf. The menu was delicious—meat lasagna, fresh green beans, green salad, fruit salad, and ice cream sundaes!

Co-coordinators Maris Olsen and Chris Rigos are thrilled that we have completed six of our 12 Sunday night dinners with positive feedback from cooks, volunteers, and guests. Thank you all for your help and support. And, the winner is…. Actually, we are all winners, and the photo below show the fun!

NOTE: The Ministry Steering Committee is pleased to announce a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on September 11 (following the departure of Tent City) for the volunteers who have served or will serve at the upcoming six dinners. No Saint Mark’s funds will be used for this “Thank You” to our volunteers. More information will be provided as we get closer to September 11. For any questions, please contact Chris Rigos at or Maris Olsen at

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UPDATE (JULY 22): Thanks to the volunteers on July 17 for another fine Sunday night for our Tent City guests. Volunteers Keiko Maruyama, Morgan Bawcom-Randall, Adam Oberstadt, Kate Causey, Kathy Albert, Nancy and Andy Valaas, Pamela Bradburn, and Heather Millar all pitched in for a smoothly-run fine dinner. Our menu was chicken Alfredo casserole, green salad, fruit salad, and brownies with ice cream. Yum!

As we reported recently, the remaining 7 weeks of Sunday night dinners are full of volunteers. Because of illness or last-minute conflicts, we may have some room for fill-ins. Co-coordinators Chris Rigos and Maris Olsen will keep those who have expressed interest informed. Email Chris or Maris with any questions.

One volunteer wrote, ”Thank you for organizing this opportunity to serve people in need.” We add our own "Thank You" to all who are making this ministry sustainable, including our dedicated church staff, clergy, and faithful volunteers who have offered endless help!

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UPDATE (JULY 15): Our many thanks for a fine July 10 dinner to our Tent City guests prepared by volunteers Kathy Albert, Laurel Petrik, Erin Beary Anderson, Cinda Madonna, and Emily Austin. Our menu included Tater Tot casserole, coleslaw, brownies, and ice cream. Our weather was fine, and all enjoyed themselves. Below you will see our photos of all the fun!

As we reported a few days ago, we have now filled all volunteer spots for the remaining seven dinners of the summer. Thank you!

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UPDATE (JULY 8): Our thanks to volunteers Allison Narver, Eliacin Rosario-Cruz, Kathy Albert, John Weintraub, and Katherine Adams for a fine July 3 dinner for our tent City guests. You can see the photos below, as we prepared grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, coleslaw, potato salad, and ice cream! Even though the weather was a bit damp, we and our guests enjoyed ourselves.

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UPDATE (JULY 1): The Tent City Meals ministry co-coordinators Chris Rigos and Maris Olsen report that our second dinner on June 26 was a fun, outdoor barbecue at Leffler House with seating under the front yard trees. Our menu included grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, potato salad, fresh fruit, a chilled can of seltzer water, and ice cream. Everyone was grateful to our five volunteers Peter Snyder, Cherie Bradshaw, Linzi Stahlecker, Jen Younggren, and Barbara Erickson. A good time was had by all! One volunteer commented that sitting under the trees with a cool drink talking to a young guest was a thrill.

Next week the Steering Committee will open volunteer registration for the final seven Sunday dinners (from July 24 through September 4). We welcome new cooks and volunteers! Volunteers who will have served during the first five weeks are welcome to volunteer again, but we ask that they wait a few days to allow new persons to register. We would love to have you join us, pitch in, and enjoy the fun! Please send any questions to Chris Rigos at or Maris Olsen at

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UPDATE (JUNE 24): On June 19 the Cathedral prepared and shared a fine dinner meal with our guests in Tent City 3. Our able chefs Maris Olsen and Deborah Person served sloppy joes, fruit salad, coleslaw, and ice cream to 24 guests. Our volunteers Sandy Piscatello, Kathy Albert, and Ashley Hedeen helped with set up, serving, and clean up, and then sat down to eat with our guests. Reports from our guests were positive, and they are invited back this Sunday night for a barbeque! Dinners will continue for the next ten weeks with volunteer cooks and servers. Check out some photos below! (click to enlarge)

UPDATE (JUNE 10): Tent City 3 has now arrived on the cathedral property, and the organizers of the meals have been delighted with the response to last week's call for volunteers. At list time just a few open spots remain. The total number of volunteer slots for each dinner was limited, because if too many volunteers are present, there may not be enough work for each volunteer to do. However, as this is a new experience for everyone in the context of the pandemic, the limits may be revised according to the lessons learned in the first few dinners. Please stay tuned!

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