Projecting Justice: Protect Trans Lives

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Learn about the original May 2021 iteration of the Projecting Justice project, highlighting the names of people killed by the police, here

JUNE 21, 2023

In 2021, Saint Mark's collaborated with the ACLU of Washington State to use the unique visibility and position of the cathedral building as a beacon on the hill to make a powerful public statement about violence and justice in our city and our region. For two weeks, we projected names of people in Western Washington killed by the police, with the simple message that each one "should still be alive today." Read about this project, and all the names that were included, here.

This year ACLU-WA and Saint Mark's are again collaborating, this time to make a public statement in light of an unprecedented wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, and the atmosphere of threat that trans people—both across the country and in our own cathedral community—are now experiencing:

Protect Trans Kids, Protect Trans Lives

On their website, ACLU-WA explains the project:

Protect trans kids. Protect trans lives. These two messages illuminate Saint Mark's, seen across Seattle during the city's biggest Pride celebrations, from June 20 through June 29. So far this year, state lawmakers across the country have introduced nearly 500 anti-LGBTQIA2S+ bills, most of which target transgender and non-binary people. The ACLU has been fighting back by working in state legislatures, taking unconstitutional policies to court, and mobilizing supporters to protect trans rights. This Pride month, and every day, we are defending everyone’s right to be themselves – fully, freely, and with joy. Learn about a recent legislative victory around gender affirming care here in Washington. Celebrate LGBTQIA2S+ Pride at these events across Washington all summer long. Check out the national ACLU’s podcast episodes, Finding Trans Joy Through Sports and Let Trans Kids Speak for Themselves.

The projections will be visible after sunset on the west façade of the cathedral building (facing Interstate 5) through June 29.

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